What Is the Best Time to Drink Kombucha

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So, what is the best time to drink Kombucha? Read on for a detailed insight into the best time to take Kombucha.

Best time to drink Kombucha

Are you looking to clean your liver and berry the natural way, perhaps you might want to try Kombucha. It is one of the best tea products rich in probiotics. What’s more, it is also rich in elements that help clean the liver, balance the bacteria in your belly, or keep your energy soaring.

However, if you take it as the first thing in the morning, it tends to be harsh on the gut. Besides, the stomach emptying is delayed, especially after taking a heavy meal- mostly at night.

Kombucha in the Morning

One of the reasons kombucha is so famous is because of its probiotics. However, if you drink kombucha first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and you not yet used to these probiotics, you might get an upset stomach.

On the other hand, if you are used to drinking kombucha, the best way to optimize the probiotics’ effectiveness is to drink it on an empty stomach.

They will move through your stomach more easily if there is no food in the way. It also means that more probiotics will make it to your colon.

Kombucha at Lunch Time

Doctors suggest that drinking kombucha before or after a meal will help with digestion. The carbonation in kombucha can make you feel fuller, which is beneficial if you are trying to lose weight.

Best time to take Kombucha

Kombucha at Night

Kombucha is manufactured with caffeine-containing black or green tea. Although the caffeine content of the finished brew is lower after fermentation, it still contains around 10 to 25 mg of caffeine per cup (for reference, a cup of coffee contains about 40 mg). If you have a caffeine sensitivity, avoid drinking kombucha right before bedtime.

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Final Thoughts

Technically, the best time to drink Kombucha is any time. All you need to do is check your time, condition, and reasons prompting you to take the drink. If the purpose is to aid in digestion, it is recommended you take it before meals.

Conversely, if you are looking to maximize the amount of microbes, the best time to take it is on an empty stomach. If you are sensitive to caffeine, you should ensure you avoid taking it before bed

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