Vegetables that Start with J

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This article is about vegetables that start with the letter J. It lists a few of them and talks about what they are good for.

Vegetables That Start With J
Vegetables That Start With J

These are vegetables that start with the letter J. The list includes jalapeno, jicama, and Jerusalem artichoke. There are not many types of vegetables that start with this letter, but these three have been chosen because they are some of the most popular.

The Term Vegetable

The term “vegetable” is a culinary term that generally means any plant part that is cooked and eaten as part of a meal.

However, the exact definition of “vegetable” can vary depending on who you ask. In some cases, the word may be used to refer to any plant-based food, regardless of whether it comes from a fruit, root, stem, leaf, or flower.

Others may define a vegetable as any edible plant part that is not a fruit or seed. This would include mature fruits that are eaten as part of a main meal.

Meanwhile, some people may also consider edible fungi and seaweed to be vegetables, even though they are not technically parts of plants.

Ultimately, the term “vegetable” is a broad category that can mean different things to different people.

Classification of Vegetables

Vegetables can be classified according to the part that can be eaten, some vegetables fall into one or more categories when many parts of the plant are edible e.g. both the root and leaves of a carrot can be eaten.

The following groups of vegetables are made according to these classifications:

roots (carrots, turnips, parsnips),

bulbs (onions, garlic),

stems (celery, fennel),

leaves (spinach, cabbage),

flowers (courgettes, broccoli),

fruits (tomatoes, peppers) and

seeds (peas, beans).

List of Vegetables That Sart With J

Here is the list of 4 veggies starting with the letter J!

  1. Jalapeno
  2. Jerusalem Artichoke
  3. Jicama
  4. Jujuba

More on Vegetables That Start With J

If you are looking for a new way to add more vegetables to your diet, here is a list of vegetables that start with the letter J.


As the name suggests, Jalapeno peppers are a cultivar of the Capsicum annum species. They are popularly used for flavoring dishes and are generally small, torpedo-shaped, and mild in taste. Jalapeno is the most widely used chili pepper in the United States.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Jerusalem artichoke, also known as sunchoke, is a tuber that was a mainstay of the diet of Colonial America. It has a light, mealy texture, and is best cooked with a little bit of salt. The Jerusalem artichoke is available from early fall through winter.


Jicama, known in the US as Mexican turnip, is a root vegetable similar in shape and size to a turnip. But in addition to its egg-shaped swollen root, it has a pronounced whitish coloration. The root has a sweet and mild flavor, but when cooked it can turn bitter and woody.


Italians are known for their love of vegetables, and they are some of the best at growing them. While they may be known for their wine and pasta, they also produce some of the world’s best vegetables. This includes the meaty and sweet jujubas, which are winter squash. These delicious vegetables are plentiful and available in local shops or from the vegetable farmers’ market.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for vegetables that start with the letter j, we hope this list has been helpful. Hopefully, these vegetables will give you some inspiration and help make your next meal or snack more enjoyable!

As always, let us know if there are any other suggestions of great foods to add to our list by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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