15 Vegetables that Start with L

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This blog post focuses on vegetables that start with the letter L. There are a number of options to choose from, including: lettuce, leeks, and lima beans.

Vegetables that Start with L 2

Here are your results – Vegetables that start with L

Lacinato KaleLeafy GreensLentil
Lagos BologiLebanese CucumberLettuce
Lakota SquashLeekLima Bean
Land CressLegumesLo Bok
LaverLemongrassLotus Root
Vegetables that Start with L

We all know that vegetables are very healthy, but did you know there is a whole list of vegetables that start with L? If you’re looking to get more veggies in your diet and broaden your palate at the same time, this blog post is for you!

15 Vegetables that begin with the letter L

Here is a list of vegetables that start with L:

Lacinato Kale

Lacinato kale is a variety of kale. It is a very tender, leafy green with distinctive grayish-green coloration, and is a variety of the curly-leafed northern Italian kale known as ‘broccoletti’

Lagos Bologi

Lakota Squash

Lakota squash is a beautiful purple variety of summer squash that is grown in the central United States and is considered a heirloom variety. This squash is a sweet tasting summer squash that is about the same size of a zucchini and can be used in dishes where you would usually use zucchini, such as baked goods, or in recipes where you would use summer squash, such as fried green tomatoes.

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Land Cress

Land Cress, or garden cress, is a popular salad green, but you can actually eat it raw and enjoy it as a healthy snack as well. In this recipe I’m using it to make an all-natural pesto that’s packed with flavor and will leave your taste buds singing.


Laver is a vegetable that is part of the mustard family, which means its seeds produce a small, but important, oil that we can harvest for use in cooking. It’s important to note that laver has many different varieties, each with different flavor profiles.

Leafy Greens

Greens are a class of leafy vegetables that grow in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. The word “leaf” in the term “leafy greens” refers to either the stem (petiole) which is attached to the main growth of the plant, or the leaf.

Lebanese Cucumber

It is a very unique type of cucumber, known to be well-known throughout Lebanon and famous for its small size and unique taste. It has a very short and skinny body and is the most popular season cucumber in Lebanon.


Leek is a green vegetable that is a member of the onion family. The bulbous roots are used in soup and in cooking. It is also used as a vegetable in desserts and in the production of Leek vodka.


Legumes are a broad term used for any type of seed with endosperm and are generally grown for food. Legumes are a type of seed that are consumed as a source of plant protein, and are rich in B vitamins, folic acid, and other nutrients. They also contain a wide range of other valuable nutrients, minerals, and proteins, and are extremely important for the healthy functioning of the human body.

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Lemongrass is a strong, woody herb with a lemon scent that is used in both Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The Thai use lemongrass to flavor many dishes, and the Vietnamese use it in almost every Vietnamese dish. In both the Thai and Vietnamese cultures lemongrass is used to make lemongrass tea, which is a very popular drink in these nations. It is thought that the smell of lemongrass tea is a very effective natural mosquito repellent.


Lentils are the smallest legume in the world. They are also called Pinto Beans, Jewel Beans or split red lentils. The name lentils is derived from the Latin word lentus, meaning “to lean” or “to lean toward”. Lentils are a rich source of protein and fiber. They are easy to digest and contain a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Lentils can also be used to improve the quality of your diet.


Lettuce has been around for centuries, and it can be found in almost every part of the world, but its fresh, green, crisp taste is a taste that is unfortunately lost in many people’s diet.

Lima Bean

Lima Beans are small legumes that are slightly smaller than the common beans used in cooking. The beans are commonly used as a substitute for common beans in recipes. They are small, round, and have a tough outer shell that protects them during cooking. Lima beans have a flavor that is slightly similar to that of kidney beans, but they are sweeter in taste. Lima beans are very nutritious, with a high level of protein and fiber. They are also rich in iron and other nutrients that are beneficial to our body.

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Lo Bok

Lo Bok is a type of flat rice noodle dish that looks a lot like fried rice and is usually served with meat or vegetables. It’s also very popular in Singapore, but is usually not available in other parts of the world.

Lotus Root

Lotus Root  is a tuberous root vegetable, in the same category as beets, carrots and potatoes. It is grown in tropical or subtropical regions, and is used in a number of cuisines across the world, particularly in Asian and African countries. Lotus root is a good source of iodine, as well as providing some Vitamin A and B6.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for Vegetables that start with the letter L, we hope this list has been helpful. Hopefully, these Vegetables will give you some inspiration and help make your next meal or snack more enjoyable! As always, let us know if there are any other suggestions of great Vegetables to add to our list by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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Vegetables that Start with L

15 Vegetables that Start with L

Yield: 15

This blog post focuses on vegetables that start with the letter L. There are a number of options to choose from, including: lettuce, leeks, and lima beans.


  • Lacinato Kale
  • Lagos Bologi
  • Lakota Squash
  • Land Cress
  • Laver
  • Leafy Greens
  • Lebanese Cucumber
  • Leek
  • Legumes
  • Lemongrass
  • Lentil
  • Lettuce
  • Lima Bean
  • Lo Bok
  • Lotus Root


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  2. Choose any other 3 Vegetable items that are not that familiar to you.

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