Vegetables That Start With F: 20 Vegetables You Didn’t Know

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Fancy some fresh vegetables? If you are looking for a tasty side dish, or even just something to snack on, we have a list of 20 delicious vegetables that start with the letter F. This is our top pick of vegetables that will keep your taste buds happy and healthy!

foods that start with f
Vegetables That Start With F   
Fairy ring mushroomsFenugreekFilbert greensFlax micro greens
FalberryFiddlehead FernFinger limeFlint corn
False daisyField beanFinger rootFluted pumkin
Fat henField blewitfinocchio frangipane Frangipane (edible flower)
Fava beanField cressFiorettoFrench beans
FeijoaField mushroomFlat beansFrench Sorrel
FennelFigFlat cabbageFrisee Greens

Twenty-plus vegetables that start with the letter “F” might not be something you think about very often. You’re probably more focused on how to make a delicious vegetable dish for dinner or what’s in season and available at your local grocery store.

It is easy to think that there are only a few vegetables out there, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth. If you start with the letter F, there are 20 different vegetables for you to enjoy!

If you’ve been looking for new ideas, take a look at these 20 veggies that start with the letter F!

Vegetables that start with the letter F

False daisy

What is a false daisy and how do you cook this mysterious plant? It’s a type of flower that actually resembles a daisy, but it’s not part of the daisy family.

Fat hen

Fat hen is actually a type of celery that has been grown in the UK for many years, but has recently become popular in the US because of its wide range of health benefits. It’s an interesting vegetable to look at, since it develops a pinkish hue as it is picked, and that color doesn’t fade when the vegetable is cooked.

Fava bean

Fava beans are a legume that grows in pods like little green peas. They are commonly used in Greek and Arabic cuisine. They are found in most Mediterranean markets, where they are also sold as broad beans. You might want to try fava beans if you’re looking for a meatless meal with a lot of protein, fiber, and iron.

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Fennel is a vegetable that is part of the carrot family. It is a perennial plant with fine leaves and a thick grooved bulb. It has a licorice like flavor that is used in many foods but its uses are quite limited. It can be used in curry, soup, salad, and soup.


Fenugreek is a member of the legume and in the same family as clover and alfalfa. It is typically found in Mediterranean and Indian recipes, but can be used around the world.

Fiddlehead Fern

Fiddlehead ferns are a wild edible vegetable that can be foraged in the early spring. They are actually immature fronds of the ostrich fern, and are called fiddleheads because they look like the curled up end of a violin or fiddle. The are popular in New England and the Pacific Northwest, and are commonly found on the menus of restaurants in these regions.

Field bean

Field beans are a type of bean that grow in pods that contains four to eight beans. These beans can be eaten fresh, preserved, canned or frozen. Because of these beans are sweeter than other beans, they are also used to make different desserts and even non-alcoholic beverages. These beans are mainly eaten in the spring when they are young and tender.

Field blewit

Field blewit is a type of oat bannock that was traditionally eaten by fieldworkers in the Scottish lowlands

Field cress

Field cress is a leafy green that is often used in salads, sandwiches, and soups. It is a great source of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as folate and riboflavin. It is becoming more and more popular in America these days. People eat it because it is nutritious, and has a sweet flavor that goes well with many different foods.

Field mushroom

If you have never tried field mushrooms, you are missing out. Field mushrooms are a low-fat, nutrient-dense protein source. They are also incredibly versatile.

Filbert greens

Filbert greens are one of the lesser known greens in the U.S. and are becoming more widely available as more people discover their mild, nutty flavor. Some people call them hazelnut greens or Chinese greens, but they actually belong to the Brassica genus (the same as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, collards, etc.). They are a little harder to find outside of the U.S., but they are gaining in popularity.

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Finger root

Fingerroot is a plant that grows from the Mediterranean to South Asia. It’s easy to grow at home and can be grown from seeds or transplanted from a mature plant. It is a perennial plant, so it will come back year after year. You can eat the leaves and flowers raw or cooked.

Flat beans

Flat beans are very flat beans, that have a lot of names and uses. You can call them wasabeans, horse gram, field beans, yama-mame, and dhal. It can be used as a green bean, a bean, and a vegetable. It is one of the most popular beans used in Indian cuisine.

Flat cabbage

Often used in Korean cuisine, bok choy looks like a long, flat head of cabbage. Though it is a type of Chinese cabbage, the flavor is not as pungent as some other cabbages. It is also known as Chinese white cabbage and has been cultivated for more than 4,000 years. Bok choy is available year-round in most stores and is one of the most popular vegetables used in stir-fries.

Flax micro greens

Flax microgreens are a relatively new creation of the food universe, made possible by advances in the technology of food production.

Flint corn

Flint corn has a rough outer husk, and the kernels are yellow to red-orange in color. The corn tastes sweeter than the white, yellow, and blue varieties, and is sometimes used to make hominy.

Fluted pumkin

Fluted pumpkin part of squash family has a unique taste and comes in a variety of colors such as yellow, orange and even black. Most fluted pumpkins have a f ene grated flesh and a slimy texture, however it can vary depending on the variety. Some people have said they taste a little like a mix of pumpkin and zucchini.

French beans

A French bean is the name of a type of bean that is grown in France.  They are also grown in many other countries and may be called by other names.  The French bean is a variety of the common bean , which is a member of the legume or pulse group of plants.  The bean pods are harvested and eaten as a vegetable.

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French Sorrel

French Sorrel is a soft herb that comes from the buckwheat family. It is similar to spinach, and is used in a variety of ways, from drinks to salads. It is also known as “poor man’s asparagus,” and like the green vegetable it is best when it is young and tender.

Frisee Greens

Frisee is a type of chicory that is sometimes added to salads or used as a bed for other ingredients. It is a mildly bitter green, so it’s a good choice if you want to add some flavor to a salad, but aren’t in the mood for something strongly flavored like arugula or endive. It’s also a good choice if you want a salad with some texture, since frisee is a bit crunchier than most greens.

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s it for the “F” vegetable alphabet! We hope you’ve learned a lot about vegetables and how to get more of them into your diet.

Stay tuned as we will continue to explore the alphabets with our upcoming posts. You can also check out foods that start with the letter f.

We hope you found this post informative and that it sparks your interest in vegetables, or at least confirms what you already knew about them.

Don’t forget to comment below with any questions or if you have anything else to add.

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foods that start with f

Vegetables That Start With F

Yield: 20
Prep Time: 6 minutes
Total Time: 6 minutes

Fancy some fresh vegetables? If you are looking for a tasty side dish, or even just something to snack on, we have a list of 20 delicious vegetables that start with the letter F. This is our top pick of vegetables that will keep your taste buds happy and healthy!


  • False daisy
  • Fat hen
  • Fava bean
  • Fennel
  • Fenugreek
  • Fiddlehead Fern
  • Field bean
  • Field blewit
  • Field cress
  • Field mushroom
  • Filbert greens
  • Finger root
  • Flat beans
  • Flat cabbage
  • Flax micro greens
  • Flint corn
  • Fluted pumkin
  • French beans
  • French Sorrel
  • Frisee Greens


    1. Pick any 3 familiar vegetables that start with F
    2. Choose any other 3 food items that are not that familiar to you.

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