Vegetables That Start With E

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As the title suggests, this blog post is about vegetables that start with the letter “E”. We will discuss eight vegetables in total. Some of them are quite well-known while others may be less common. All of these veggies taste great and can be used to make a variety of dishes!

Vegetables That Start With E
Vegetables That Start With E

Eggplant, endive, escarole. These are just a few of the many vegetables that start with E! There are plenty more to choose from though.

You can make an endless variety of delicious dishes by adding these eight vegetables to your repertoire. So what are you waiting for? Start cooking with E-vegetables today!

The Term Vegetable

The term “vegetable” is a culinary term that generally means any plant part that is cooked and eaten as part of a meal.

However, the exact definition of “vegetable” can vary depending on who you ask. In some cases, the word may be used to refer to any plant-based food, regardless of whether it comes from a fruit, root, stem, leaf, or flower.

Others may define a vegetable as any edible plant part that is not a fruit or seed. This would include mature fruits that are eaten as part of a main meal.

Meanwhile, some people may also consider edible fungi and seaweed to be vegetables, even though they are not technically parts of plants.

Ultimately, the term “vegetable” is a broad category that can mean different things to different people.

Classification of Vegetables

Vegetables can be classified according to the part that can be eaten, some vegetables fall into one or more categories when many parts of the plant are edible e.g. both the root and leaves of a carrot can be eaten.

The following groups of vegetables are made according to these classifications:

roots (carrots, turnips, parsnips),

bulbs (onions, garlic),

stems (celery, fennel),

leaves (spinach, cabbage),

flowers (courgettes, broccoli),

fruits (tomatoes, peppers) and

seeds (peas, beans).

List of Vegetables That Sart With E

Here is the list of 8 veggies starting with the letter E!

  1. Earthnut Pea
  2. Edamame
  3. Eggplant
  4. Elephant Foot Yam
  5. Elephant Garlic
  6. Endive
  7. Ensete
  8. Escarole

More on Vegetables That Start With E

Earthnut Pea

Earthnut peas are a delicious pea variety with a distinctive nutty flavor. Earthnut peas can be grown on dwarf plants, used as a tender green bean, or can be harvested as a legume with a sweet nutty flavor. Earthnut beans are the result of the crossbreeding of the bush bean “Phaseolus vulgaris” with the field bean “Vicia faba”, from which they take their name. Earthnut peas are also known as “groundnut peas” or “cowpeas” in some parts of the world.


Edamame soy beans are a soybean eaten whole (similar to edamame chicken), steamed, boiled or grilled. They are high in protein and contain no cholesterol. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, and potassium. Edamame is a great source of fiber, with about 13 grams in each cup.


Eggplant, also called aubergine is a culinary vegetable that is eaten in many cuisines, including Indian, Greek, Italian, and Middle Eastern. The deep purple-colored fruit can be cooked and it is sometimes used in salads or can be pickled.

Elephant Foot Yam

Elephant Foot Yam is a type of yam, found in Africa and the Caribbean.

Elephant Garlic

Elephant Garlic is a lesser-known variety of garlic that is a member of the lily family. It has an almost sweet taste and is bulbous in shape. Its bulb is not as hard as garlic but is still quite hard and bulbous. It is often referred to as Elephant Garlic because of the way it bulges out of the ground as it grows. It also grows in clusters, like a group of elephants. Elephant Garlic is not a member of the Allium family as it is not in the onion family.


Endive, or chicory, is the chicory cabbage. When you eat Endive, it tastes like a mix between lettuce and chicory. Endive is a cool-season vegetable that grows in the spring, summer, and fall, while it grows in the same seasons as chicory, but chicory grows at a higher altitude. The most common varieties of Endive are the green and red varieties. Green Endive is the most popular variety and is the only variety that is locally grown. Red Endive is a type of chicory that is grown in France, and it is a leafy green vegetable that is popular in salads, bread and is used in a variety of meats.


Ensete is an African shrub that produces sweet, edible seeds. The seeds can be eaten raw or cooked and are used to produce foods such as porridges and starch. It is usually found in Eastern, Central, and Western Africa.


Escarole is a member of the chicory family, which includes nutritious dandelions and radishes. It’s often used in salads, soups, and pasta dishes, and in some areas, it’s known as Italian escarole.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for Vegetables that start with the letter E, we hope this list has been helpful. Hopefully, these Vegetables will give you some inspiration and help make your next meal or snack more enjoyable!

As always, let us know if there are any other suggestions of great Vegetables to add to our list by leaving a comment below. Thanks!

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