Martabak Manis

A Taste of Indonesian Pancake’s: Martabak Manis

Indonesia has some of the most delicious food in all of Asia. One dish that should not be missed out on is Martabak, an Indonesian pancake filled with buttery layers and topped off by rich chocolate sauce or jam for sweetness! If you want to make your mouth water with […]

is spam keto friendly?

Can You Eat Spam on Keto?

So, Can You Eat Spam on Keto? Well, many spam varieties are low on carbs and, therefore, keto-friendly. Spam is one of the most iconic foods the majority of people fondly remember eating when growing up. It made its way into the market towards the end of the Great Depression […]

Best time to drink Kombucha

What Is the Best Time to Drink Kombucha

So, what is the best time to drink Kombucha? Read on for a detailed insight into the best time to take Kombucha. Are you looking to clean your liver and berry the natural way, perhaps you might want to try Kombucha. It is one of the best tea products rich […]

Are chipotle bowls microwavable

Are Chipotle Bowls Microwavable

Whenever leftover chipotle is too much to get rid of, it is common for most people to store the leftovers in their fridge to feast on later as a snack. However, are chipotle bowls microwavable? To have the answer to this question, you should continue reading this article. Usually, chipotle […]