The Best Leek Substitutes: 12 Leeks alternatives

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Do you have a recipe that calls for leeks, but you don’t want to go to the grocery store? This blog post will cover 12 of the best leek substitutes.


Almost everyone has heard of leeks. They are a vegetable that is often used in soups, salads and side dishes. But what if you can’t find them at the store or they’re overpriced?

The good news is that there are a variety of substitutes for leeks that taste great and come with different health benefits.

Leeks are one of the most popular vegetables around, and they can be very versatile in the kitchen. But like many other types of food that we enjoy eating, leeks grow seasonally.

If you’re looking for a substitute when your favorite vegetable is out-of-season, then read on!

Leeks Alternatives

1. Shallots

Shallots are a wonderful substitute for leeks since they belong to the same family, Allium. Shallots have an acidity that is sharp and spicy while being sweet at the same time.

They can be used in place of sauteed leeks (a dish requiring large amounts) but may not work well on soups or stews due to their high cost.

To substitute leeks for shallots, simply use the same volume or weight of shallot. If you need more flavor in your dish, feel free to add even more until satisfied!

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To make substitutions less time-consuming and precise than measuring out each vegetable individually; measure all ingredients by their weight as opposed to length (so one pound equals 1/2 kilogram).

In this case, if it is called for that 2 pounds should be substituted then 4 ounces will do just fine instead.

The key here is not so much an exact substitution but rather how well they work together when cooking dishes like soups and stews where flavors are often mixed well before serving anyway.

2. Scallions

Scallions are a close substitute for leeks. You can use them in any dish that usually requires fresh leeks such as salads, garnishes or more!

Scallions are green onions that can be used in any dish which needs leeks, such as salads, garnishes and more.

Scallion flavor is stronger than a typical onion taste you might find with leeks; however this doesn’t mean they don’t make good substitutes!

Use scallions to substitute for the same amount of fresh Leek slices or dice when cooking dishes like soups or stews traditionally requiring either one ingredient over another- it tastes great too!

3. Spring Onions

Spring onions are a type of onion that is more mature than scallions. They have sweet and mellow flavor with rainbow colors, unlike their regular bulb counterparts who only come in white or red bulbs.

Spring onions can be fried, roasted whole or serve as an alternative for leeks to add variety to your dishes!

Another choice you may consider when cooking is spring onions which look like the green variant of scallion but has tiny root-like things at its roots – these “onion” variants originate from bulb producing varieties and they’re much sweeter in taste compared to other kinds of onion because some parts on it start going dry due being harvested while still not fully matured yet; this also means there’s less pungency since those.

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For every one leek you use, substitute 6 to 8 green onions.

It’s important when cooking with a recipe that lists the quantity of large leeks (chopped) which are equivalent to six or eight medium-sized green onions; these ratios will drastically affect how your dish turns out!

4. Sweet Onions

Sweet onions are the least expensive and most readily available substitute for leeks, though they have a more intense onion flavor than their counterparts.

Additionally, when using sweet onions in soup or stew recipes it is best to use less of them because this will help ensure that the dish does not become overwhelming with flavors.

5. Celery

Celery works well as a leek replacement in certain dishes, but it doesn’t work exactly like leeks. In stews and soups especially, celery breaks down much more quickly than the hearty green vegetable does. If you’re going to use celery instead of real leeks though, make sure not to overcook it so that its flavor is still present!

6. Garlic

Garlic is a great ingredient to add flavor. It has more pungency and deeper flavors than leeks, but it will work for cooking if you don’t have any other option.

You can use garlic as a replacement in recipes that call for leek with the following instructions: For every cup of leeks called out in your recipe, substitute a quarter of garlic instead, 1:3 ratio.

Final thoughts

Leeks are milder than onions or scallions. When the recipe does not use leeks as primary ingredients, you can substitute onions and/or green onions for a more neutral taste in your dish. You might also try substituting shallots which have an onion flavor without any of their bite; they may add some garlic to dishes where raw garlic is called for but will lack that sharper flavor when added at the end of cooking time like many other herbs would be used.

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If no fresh vegetables are available, then dried onion powder may work well with recipes calling for leeks instead.

Frequently asked questions

Can I substitute chives for leeks?

Like onions, leeks are one of the few vegetables that can be added to a dish without much fuss. Unlike chives though, which have an almost sweet taste and aroma with hints of onion flavor in every bite, they’re stronger tasting than their counterparts; so if your recipe calls for three tablespoons chopped chives then you should reduce it by two-thirds when substituting them out for leeks.

Can you eat leeks raw?

Leeks are a popular vegetable and herb that can be eaten raw. Leek recipes include steaming, boiling, or pan-frying the leeks before adding to any dish which calls for onions in it.

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