How to Tell if Scallops are Bad? | A Guide to Knowing if Your Scallops are Bad

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When it comes to seafood, the most important thing you need to know is how to tell if Scallops are bad. If they smell fishy or look slimy, then chances are that they’ve gone bad. However, there’s a way you can tell for sure!

Tell if Scallops are Bad?

The scallop is a shellfish that is popular in many types of cuisine. It’s also one of the most expensive ones, which makes it all the more important to know how to tell if Scallops are bad.

There are several ways you can go about this and we have nailed it down to four for you.

Did you know that with the great taste, healthy nutrients, and variety of flavors, scallops are the most expensive seafood?

Scallops provide the body with numerous health benefits, which you will rarely find in other seafood. However, people have found it hard to choose against bad scallops, which aren’t good for their health.

It’s vital to know what you need to check to avoid purchasing a bad scallop.

We’ve put down various ways on how to tell if scallops are bad.

If you’re someone that loves scallops, then it’s important to know how to tell if they’re bad. Scallops have a very short shelf life and there are many signs that indicate when the scallop is no longer safe to eat.

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1. Check for the freshness of the meat

The important way on how to tell if scallops are bad is by checking the freshness. Fresh scallop meat is usually firm when you touch it. The males’ scallop may have a beige or white color, while a slight tint of orange for the females. When you find scallop meat with some brown discoloration, you need to discard it, as it is not fresh. In addition, scallops meat may appear to shred on the flesh. The shredding may come as a result of poor handling. However, the poor handling and expiration time usually make the meat unsuitable for consumption; thus, you need to discard it.

2. The smell of the scallops

Sniffing the scallops will help you determine if the scallop is fresh and suitable for consumption. Scallops, though, being shellfish, should have a sweet and seaweed-tainted aroma. These will show the fish’s meat is ideal for consumption. However, discard any scallop that produces a fishy smell, and the fish odor is strong. The scallop with such a smell presents a bad one that isn’t suitable for consumption.

3. Check for the expiration of the scallops in packages

When purchasing the scallops in packages, carefully check for the expiration date. Reject the scallops whose expiry dates haven’t pass-by as they’re not suitable for consumption. Besides the expiration date, you need to also check for the shininess and solidity and avoid all the packaged scallops that aren’t solid and shiny. Lastly, you can opt to check for the frost in the packages. The presence of more frost indicates the scallop’s freshness had passed before the freezing.

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4. Checking if they are alive.

When buying live scallops, it’s good to opt for the ones that are alive. The meat from live scallop meat has freshness. When you’re checking the scallops, you need to tap them. After tapping them, when the shells don’t close while you tap, this indicates they’ve breathed their last. Meat for the dead scallops isn’t suitable for consumption; therefore, you should discard it.

Final Thoughts

Scallop’s meat has various health benefits; thus, you should be careful while choosing the best scallop meat. The above ways can provide the best guide on how to tell if scallops are bad. It’ll be good to discard all the bad scallops’ meat as they may adversely affect your health.

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