How to Tell if Mussels are Bad? | 4 Signs That Mussels Aren’t Safe to Eat

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Do you like to eat mussels? If so, then you might be wondering how to tell if they are bad. Well, the good news is that it’s actually really easy. There are a few signs that indicate whether or not your delicious mussels have gone bad and we will go over them below!

Tell if Mussels are Bad?

Mussels are a type of shellfish that are usually served in restaurants. They can be eaten raw or cooked, but it is important to know how to tell if they have gone bad before you put them in your mouth!

This article will discuss how to tell if mussels have gone bad and give some tips on what you should do with them.

Have you ever wondered why people always tap or press the shell of mussels before purchasing?

The tapping enables them to check for an alive mussel, best for their meals. Mussels are rich in various nutrients that help in various blood circulation issues and weight loss.

To get the best of these health benefits, you need to choose suitable mussels and discard those that you feel are bad.

This article outlines ways on how to tell if mussels are bad.

Here’s how to tell if mussels are bad:

How do you know if your mussels are bad? This is a question that many people ask themselves when they buy seafood from the store. Mussels can become spoiled easily due to their short shelf life, so it’s important to know how to tell if they are bad before cooking them.

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1. Check for the shells

When selecting the mussels, you need to consider the shells. You should pick the shells of any open mussels.

The shell will determine if the mussels are suitable for consumption or not. After picking it, press together the shells; the open shells should close to illustrate that the mussels are alive thus good for consumption.

However, when the shells don’t close, the mussel is dead; therefore, you need to discard it and not use it. Besides the closing of the shells, you also need to toss any mussels with broken shells.

2. Mussels with a strange odor

Fresh mussels should be free from any smell. However, once you feel some strange smell from the mussel, the smell indicates that the mussel isn’t fresh. The strange odor from the mussels is a clear indication that it’s already rotting. Mussels will only start rotting after they have died. Died mussels aren’t the best mussels to include in your diet. Thus it’ll be good to discard these muscles.

3. Mussels with shells that don’t open while cooking

The best mussels are the ones that will open their shells when you are cooking. You should consider the appropriate cooking time for the mussels to open their shells. The approximate cooking time to check whether they are fit for eating is around nine minutes. The mussels that don’t open their shells won’t be suitable for consumption; thus, you’ll need to discard them off. However, before cooking, you can store the mussels properly to prevent them from going bad.

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4. The mussels that are open before cooking

Most people consider the mussels that are opened before cooking as bad mussels. Most of the mussels that open their shells before cooking are usually dead. Thus, it isn’t advisable to eat the meat from a dead mussel, associated with various health complications. Therefore, you should discard such mussels.

Final Thoughts

You need to check mussels that are alive because the meat from the dead mussels deteriorates and increases the chances of food poisoning and other health conditions. Thus it’s essential to avoid any dead mussels as it’s seen as bad mussels. You can consider the above ways on how to tell if mussels are bad.

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