How to Tell if Ginger is Bad?

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Ginger can deteriorate and become less flavorful over the course of time, so knowing how to tell if ginger is bad can help you avoid wasting your money. It’s also useful to know the shelf life of ginger so you know how long it can be kept in the refrigerator before it needs to be tossed out.

Ginger root and powdered ginger

Ginger is a common product that comes in a variety of forms, so you need to make sure that it is stored properly to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. While the shelf life of ginger will vary from one type to another, in general, it lasts for a year if stored at the proper temperature and moisture level. The shelf life of ginger depends on how it was processed. Fresh ginger root has a shelf life of about one year. It is important to keep ginger as dry as possible, as it will last longer. If it is stored in a dry and cool place, it will keep longer. Grated ginger, which is often used in baked goods, will last for about a month, Frozen.

Ginger is a widely used spice around the world. You can use it with different recipes to add flavor to your food. Ginger comes with health benefits such as reducing high blood pressure levels and remedying cold and digestion problems.

Most recipes require small amounts of ginger meaning you’ll probably have to keep most of it in storage. The question then is, does ginger go bad?

You first have to know how long Ginger lasts.

Ginger Shelf Life

Shelf-life span is different for different kinds of ginger. This depends on how good its storage is.

Fresh ginger should be stored in a cool, dry, place away from direct light and humidity. For example, in the pantry. You should, however, store it in the fridge if you are not planning to use it soon.

Below is the life-span of different kinds of ginger:

  • Fresh or raw ginger will last one week in the pantry, one month in the fridge, and three months in the freezer.
  • Peeled and chopped ginger root will last one week in the fridge.
  • Ginger paste will last one month in the fridge and three months in the freezer.
  • Chopped and jarred ginger will last between two to three months in the pantry if unopened. It would last two to three months in the fridge.
  • Powdered ginger will last two to three years in the pantry.
  • Pickled ginger will last two to three months in the fridge.
  • Crystallized ginger will last between two to three years in the pantry.

As you’ve noted, fresh ginger should probably be stored in the fridge as it adds its lifespan. Always be keen to check the manufacturer’s date when you buy your ginger. It is not safe to use ginger past its expiry date.

Signs that Your Ginger has Gone Bad

The best and easiest way to tell if your ginger has gone bad is by sight. You can also feel its texture.

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Fresh ginger has a rough look to it. It usually has a firm flesh that is bright yellow in color. Its taste and aroma should be spicy.

If you spot any mold on raw ginger, it is bad and should be discarded.

When you touch ginger and the texture has changed from firm to soft and mushy, it means it has gone bad and should be discarded.

If you cut ginger and the flesh has turned from its bright yellow color to a greying/dark yellow color, it is time to discard it.

You can also check for spoilage by smelling. If ginger has lost its spicy aroma it is bad and should be discarded.

In Conclusion

When you buy ginger and you plan on consuming it faster you can store it in the pantry. Otherwise, you should store it in the fridge.

You can submerge peeled or chopped ginger in alcohol or vinegar to keep it fresh for a long time. You should, however, rinse it properly before use.

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