How to Tell if Eggplant is Bad?

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Eggplant is a great food that has become a staple for many of us. We eat it in a variety of ways, but how to tell if eggplant is bad?


When eggplant goes bad, one way to tell is that it will have dark spots on it and you may notice an unpleasant smell. You should never consume eggplant if it has gone bad as the taste and smell will be unpleasant. You should also stay away from consuming eggplant if you notice any bruises on the flesh or cracks in the skin and peel. If the eggplant is old, it will not be as firm and the flesh may separate from the skin. It is easy to tell if eggplant has gone bad by checking the texture of the fruit, in particular its size and firmness. If it does have an off smell, do not try to eat it as you may get sick.

When looking at an eggplant in the supermarket, you should check out how firm it feels as well as visually inspecting it in order to see if it looks like food that has been around for a long time or if there are any cracks on the skin. It is also important to check out how green the skin should be. Some eggplants are known to go bad very quickly and you’ll want to avoid purchasing one with a dull color.

You should also look at the stem of the eggplant as well as make sure that it does not feel soft when you press on it. The stem will often stay fresh for longer than the flesh of an eggplant, but should still be checked out as well. Feel free to touch the skin of an eggplant in order to see how firm it is in your hands and if there are any blemishes on it. You can check out pictures of an eggplant online before you go grocery shopping and decide how firm or green you would like your fruit to be.

Bad eggplant

If you are unsure if an eggplant is bad and you want to test it out, you should start by cutting it open and smell the inside. If the eggplant is, in fact, fresh, the inside should feel firm but not rubbery. You can also try sniffing the stem of an eggplant and see if there is any mustiness that comes off of it. If there isn’t any odor near the stem, then that eggplant is likely too old. You should only touch the stem with your finger to see if it feels damp or oily as well as check out how firm or thin it feels in your hand.

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When you check out an eggplant and notice that it looks like it has been around for a while or has some cracks on the skin, do not consume it. Instead, throw it away as the taste and smell will likely be rancid. As with all other fruits, you should only eat foods that have a greenish color as older fruits can easily become more of a brown color. You should also only purchase eggplants that are firm to the touch and look healthy.

Eggplants are generally not poisonous but they do contain certain toxins in them which can cause one to become ill if eaten in large quantities. It is important to remember that eggplants are typically used for cooking purposes and should not be eaten raw so if you decide to eat one, you should make sure it has been properly cooked.

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