How to Tell if Cabbage is Bad?

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How to tell if cabbage is bad depends on whether it is fresh or has been cooked. To ensure that your cabbage will be safe to eat, you should check for signs of spoilage. If you suspect that your cabbage has gone bad, you should immediately discard it in your compost bin or trash.


You must be wondering how cabbage goes bad and when it goes bad. Also, you must be asking yourself how long it is safe to store cabbage in a freeze and canned condition. It is essential to know when cabbage goes bad and some of its features because this prevents you from eating food that may cause harm to your health when ingested. Who on earth desires to eat spoiled food?

Cabbage is a vegetable with minerals and vitamin C ingredients. Cabbage exists in two types; green and purple cabbage. Vegetable users love cabbages because they are long-lasting and sturdy. When buying cabbages, you need to consider the size. The leaves of a bigger cabbage are compacted tightly between the head and the outer leaves.

How you store your cabbage also has an impact on your cabbages. It would help if you learned how to store it safely when whole or cut. Keep scrolling through this article to learn how you will tell when cabbage goes bad and other critical things you need to learn about cabbages.

Slimy cabbage

When Cabbage Goes Bad

The shelf life of cabbages differs from the moment of harvesting and how you store them. There are various ways of preserving cabbages. When purchasing a cabbage from either a store or supermarket, you must follow its guideline stating the date you are supposed to be done with eating the cabbage. However, on rare occasions, while you find the expiry date on store-bought vegetables. It is up to you to approximate the date it was purchased and know when it goes bad.

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Some of the common signs of spoiled cabbage are soft texture, odor, and discolouration.

Learn How to Store A Freshly Cut and A Whole Vegetable

Cabbages should always be stored in cool conditions. Wrap it well in a plastic bag and store it in your refrigerator. If you store a whole cabbage in a refrigerator, it can stay for up to 4 weeks without going bad. However, if you store it on a countertop, it can last for up to 2 days before it gets bad.

Research done by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States shows that cut cabbage stored on the counter cannot last past 3 hours. If you don’t intend to use the entire cabbage, ensure its head is cut into halves.

Infected cabbage

How to Tell if Cabbage is Bad

Always follow the best hygiene practices when storing your cabbages. This ensures you’re safe from foodborne illnesses. Eating spoiled foods is likely to cause health complications. Besides causing health-related issues, spoiled cabbages can lead to death.

Sniffing is the best way to tell that your vegetable has gone bad. Spoiled cabbages have ammonia and a decay-like smell. Also, you will notice that the leaves of a spoiled cabbage tend to shrink and discolor. When you cut this cabbage, you will notice that its edges turn greyish-black.

Feeling the vegetable will also help you know whether your vegetable is safe for consumption or not. The texture of a spoiled cabbage is slimy and squishy. It also feels moisturized and wet. Also, fungus or molds may grow on a rotten vegetable, especially when stored in a refrigerator for over four weeks.

Rotten cabbage

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