How to Tell if Beets are Bad?

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We all know beets need a little bit of love before they are ready to eat. But how can you tell how far they’ve come? As a beet lover, I know the question often runs through my mind. Here’s how to tell if beets are bad:


How to tell if beets are bad? Well, chances are you already know if you have a bad beet. A bad beet smells funky or looks rotten. If you’re not sure, though, you can use a few simple guidelines below to check if your beets are good or bad.

All fruits and veggies are highly perishable. If you want to know whether beets are good or bad, here are some of the signs.

Here’s what to look for to know if beets are bad:


When beets are fresh, they have an earthly fresh smell. Although one cannot define an earthy smell. The earthy smell can be familiar if one has ever smelled beets in the past. It may not have a rotten smell when it goes bad but it will have an unpleasant smell. If the smell is overwhelming you might throw the beet away.

Sometimes it is hard to use the sense of smell to determine the freshness of the beets.


You can cut off the mold in the places affected. Unlike in beets if the fruit is affected the whole fruit is intoxicated. In most cases by the time, you spot the mold. The spores and toxins will be all over the vegetable. The point to note is that in beets the fungus does not affect a particular part that you can see.

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They can get wrinkled if they lack moisture. They are very firm although if you notice they are wrinkled look for bruising. If the surface has become soft it’s time to throw it in the dustbin. It is advisable to compare your beet with carrots. This is because carrots are firm when they are fresh. They are sometimes distinguished because they are all root fruits.

wrintled bad beet

Fresh beets are soft but firm as a tennis ball. If one is not likely to be as characterized it is time to dispose of it.


People mischance of a beet going bad early. They assume that it was their means of storage. A way to test the beet is to take out the bad one and chew on it. In most cases beets are always sweet and mellow. If it is very bitter and dry it is bad. This is suitable for throwing it away.

It is advisable to know that after tasting, the taste will remain in your mouth for some time. However, it is better than to spoil the taste of the whole meal.


Fresh beets have green leaves. If you opt to go through the grocery’s stores or your own and accidently you come across a beet with dried leaves. It is advisable you throw it away.

The Bulb

Fresh beets have a firm bulb. If it does not have one it is not suitable for consumption. This may bring health issues, leading to different diseases.

Ways of Preservation

Normal and fresh beets can last for 10 days once cut if immediately refrigerated. If this number of days are not observed the beet is not good for consumption leading to health issues.

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