How to Know if Bacon is Bad? 3 Signs

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After you purchase bacon, it’s only a few days before it’s on its way to becoming a slimy mess. However, there are ways to tell if your bacon is bad before it even reaches that point.

Bacon slices

Bacon, like any other type of meat, does not last forever—even if it’s in the freezer. If you’re not sure how to tell if bacon has gone bad, read on. There are a couple of common ways you can tell if bacon has gone bad, but one of the most common ones is the smell.

Bacon is famous worldwide due to its delicious taste and enticing smell. Further, it is among the fragile product. It is both high in fat and water, meaning it is a high risk of bacterial contamination. Generally, it should be at least get utilized within the first two weeks of purchase.

Regardless of fresh bacon being very delicious inappropriate storage can spoil rapidly. However, it is easy to tell if your bacon has spoilt, especially for the individuals who have used it before. Overall, consider the below ways to distinguish if your bacon is good or bad.

  1. Smell the bacon

Whether bacon in the packets or plate should have the same smell, odors like fresh meat is a good indicator that it’s not spoilt. However, if it smells like rotting, weird, an offish odor, or sour, that indicates that it has gone bad.

  1. Feel the bacon

If raw bacon is a bit moist and soft, it is safe to consume. On the other side, if it is slimy, that would probably be an indicator of the lactic acid bacteria, and it’s spoiled. Remember to wash and sanitize your hands after throwing them out.

  1. Take a look at your bacon.
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Move to a room that has a good illumination source and take a good look at your bacon. The non-spoiled bacon must have a fresh, bright, and pinkish color. Generally, bacon is pink in color & with white fat and also sometimes yellow. Therefore, if you notice some greenish dots, dull or preferably turning grey-brown over your bacon, it has gone bad.

  1. Your bacon got tiny mound flecks.

Cooked meat can eventually get moldy once left for too long inside the fridge. But if you notice small fuzzy blue or white spots on it, it won’t be safe to eat.

Can we freeze bacon?

Definitely, yes, bacon is appropriate for freezing to extend its shelf life. And when it suitably stored, frozen bacon can probably last for about six months inside your freezer.

What happens if we eat a bad bacon

Eating a piece of spoiled bacon can put us at risk of food poisoning from various bacteria. And some bacteria can cause diarrhea, vomiting, fever, fatigue, and abdominal pain.

How long can bacon last inside the fridge?

Raw or fresh bacon will keep fresh for the whole week inside your refrigerator. And once it’s cooked, it’s safe for another week. Regardless of that, cooked bacon might lose some of its crispness, its works ideally in sandwiches and salads.

How to appropriately store bacon?

Suitable storage can aid in maximizing the quality and shelf life of the bacon. For beginners, ensure to freeze or refrigerate your bacon right after use. The unopened and uncooked bacon can get wrapped using tin foil when freezing to avoid freezer burn. Further, the cooked one should get separated into tiny portions and decently wrapped using a paper towel and freeze.

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Learning some of the common signs of damaged bacon and storing it appropriately helps maximize the bacon’s quality and shelf life. Further, remember to examine the bacon before purchasing, check the sell-by-date to ensure you will get a fresh product.

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