How to tell if Annatto Seeds are bad?

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Have you ever used Annatto Seeds before and wondered how to tell if they are bad? It’s actually not too difficult. Here is a quick guide on how to tell when annatto seeds have gone bad so that you can avoid wasting any more money or food.

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Annatto seeds are a common spice in Latin American cooking. They can be used to add a nice, nutty flavor to dishes like rice and beans or fried plantains. However, there are some instances when they may not taste as good.

For example, if the annatto seeds have gone bad, they will have an unpleasant smell and may make your food taste bitter.

Annatto, also referred to as achiote seeds, are condiments used in adding color to dishes. Although they are relatively less popular, it is said that approximately 70% of natural food colors are obtained from these seeds.

Adding to its culinary usage, achiote has been used for art for years in Central and South America and was used in treating various medical conditions. Although they are highly beneficial, how do you tell if annatto seeds are bad? To find out, consider reading this article to the end.

Annatto seeds have a long shelf life, but they are not immortal. There are ways to tell if annatto seeds are bad. If you think your annatto seeds may be going bad, take a look at our list of symptoms below and see if any apply to your situation.

If you notice one or more of these symptoms, it is time for new annatto seeds!

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How To Tell If Achiote Seeds Are Bad?

First things first, annatto are known to have a significantly long shelf-life, meaning that they do not go rancid quickly. In addition to colors, achiote seeds offer small flavor; however, they only offer flavor when used in large quantities. When properly stored, achiote seeds will last for several years.

But, how do you tell if the achiote seeds are bad? Annatto is said to have an indefinite shelf-life, meaning that they do not go bad. As a result, you can use annatto for an extended period. Although packed annatto comes with an expiry date, it is nothing more than just a date. You can still use achiote seeds after the expiry date.

In fact, there is no difference between an opened and unopened packet of achiote seeds. The only major difference you will see between an opened and unopened packet of achiote seeds is color loss as well as flavor with time. However, this does not mean your achiote has expired or is unsafe for consumption.

Although achiote seeds do not expire, some people use the following indicators as a sign that your annatto seeds have gone bad:

  • · When you observe the difference in color in your annatto seeds.
  • · Change the flavor of your annatto seeds. Although these seeds do not have a strong flavor, a change in their flavor is at times used as an indicator that they have gone bad.

Fortunately, there is no harmful effect of using annatto seeds with the above indicators. Although it is safe to use it before its expiry date, there is always no effect of using it even after its expiry date.

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Final Thoughts

Like most spices, annatto seeds do not go bad easily; however, when they do, they still remain safe for use. To maintain its color and taste for an extended period, you might consider storing your annatto seeds in an air-tight container and keeping them away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry environment.

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