How to Tell if Almond Milk is Bad?

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How do you manage to tell that almond milk has gone bad and it’s no longer safe for human consumption anymore?

Almond milk in a bottle

You can tell that almond milk is bad when it starts to smell sour. If you’ve ever opened a carton of almond milk that’s been sitting in your refrigerator for a couple of weeks, you know it doesn’t smell exactly great. Unopened, the almond milk will be good to drink for about a month. Once you open it, though, you should drink it within a week.

I once happened to be in a place chromed by food fanatics and asked this question. However, no one was able to give me a relevant answer to this question.

If you look at this product’s carton, you will notice the carton has instructions telling you the duration you can use the product after opening it. However, if you find the milk tasting fine even after its consumption date is passed, there is no problem.

It will surprise you to know that even the top-notch almond milk users couldn’t tell when almond gets bad.

Therefore, in this article, I decided to understand how to tell that almond is bad and not safe for human consumption. Keep scrolling to learn much.

Almond milk in a glass

When Fresh Almond Milk Goes Bad

One of the best ways to help you know the appropriate time to toss your milk is by having access to some of the milk producers. You will notice how the almond milk smells and tastes when it is fresh and also be able to notice when it goes bad. The smell, when the product is fresh, varies with its smell when it goes bad. According to experts, almond milk goes bad from the fifth to the seventh day after being made.

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How to Tell When Ultra-Pasteurized Almond Milk Goes Bad

Often, almond milk made for commercial purposes is ultra-pasteurized by being heated and then cooled down. This is done to prolong their shelf life. If the carton is refrigerated, ensure use the milk is consumed within seven days.

One may also ask how you manage to store shelf almond milk at room temperature without opening its seal. This is because they are packed in cartons that are sealed, sterile Tetra Pak. The moment you unseal the carton, remember to store it in a refrigerator.

But, how will you tell if the milk almond goes bad? It has a sour taste; its smell will turn you off and becomes thick. The milk almond also clumps up.

Some People May Also Ask What if the Milk Almond Separates?

Naturally, almond milk separates on its own. Rumors have it that if almond milk separates, it’s bad. This is a myth that has no reality in it. It is recommended that if you notice your milk clumping up, shake it before use.

Things to Consider When Checking Whether Almond Milk Has Gone Bad

There are several factors to consider that will help you know that your almond milk has gone bad. The almond carton is the “best by date” that indicates the duration to use the almond. However, once you open the carton, you must consume it before the end of the tenth day after opening.

If your carton is bloated unnaturally, there are high chances that your milk is bad. You also need to examine the color and smell of your almond milk. If the smell turns you off and smells far from fresh, then it is spoilt. Curled or thick milk is also not safe for consumption.

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To prevent your almond milk from getting spoiled, store it in refrigerators, ensure it is sealed tightly; once you open the milk, use it before the end of the seventh day, and examine its color, texture, and smell before consuming.

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