How to Tell if a Mango is Bad

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You’ve picked up a mango at the grocery store, and now you’re wondering: how do I know if a mango is bad?

mangoes lined up according to ripeness

Summer is around the corner so you would be dreaming about mangoes! You surely know what a good mango looks like, but how to tell if a mango is bad? It’s important that you know when a mango is not suitable for consumption.

Mangoes are the undisputed king of fruit. It deserves to be eaten fresh and ripe. Because of that, it does not last long. If you have to buy a mango you should buy one that is slightly under-ripe. If you have to pick a ripe one, pick the one that is deep yellow-colored. It will be a little bit soft and sweet to the touch. The mango should not be too sweet to the taste. If you are buying it out-season, it may not be so perfect.

Let’s find out.

5 Ways to Tell If A Mango is Bad

Let’s outline different ways that can tell you if a mango is bad:

1. Examine The Outer Skin

Look at the outer skin of mango and see if you observe brown patches. If the fruit appears weird then it’s probably gone bad and you shouldn’t consume it. The outer skin of mango can tell you what’s going on inside the fruit.

Bad mangoes

2. Liquid Is Oozing from Mango

If you see liquid oozing from your mango fruit then it’s time to throw it out. It’s not suitable for consumption anymore when you see the liquid coming out from it.

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3. You See Mold On Mango

When you see mold on mango, it’s obviously gone bad so you shouldn’t be using it. You don’t want to eat fruit with mold on it.

Molded mangoes on top of counter

4. The Taste And Smell Is Weird

The taste of the fruit and smell would turn weird too if there is something wrong! You would instantly feel that there is something wrong with your fruit.

5. Your Mango Has A Mushy Flesh

If your mango has mushy flesh then it means it has gone bad. So it’s better not to use it. You should discard the mango with mushy flesh.

How Long Does A Mango Last?

The life expectancy of mango would depend on whether it’s fully ripe, whole, or cut.

A whole mango would last up to 5-8 days on a counter, 7-14 days in a refrigerator, and 10-12 months in a freezer. It’s important that you are preserving the fruit properly to increase its shelf life.

If the fruit is not fully ripe then let it sit on the counter so that it matures. Once the fruit is matured, place the fully ripe fruit in the refrigerator, it might overripe if you let it sit on the counter for too long.

Refrigerating the fruit would be the best option. If you are cutting the fruit then place the slices in air-tight containers to keep it fresh for long. You can freeze the slices to make it last longer, but again you have to use air-tight containers.

A mango that’s cut would last for 2-4 hours on the counter, 4-7 days in the refrigerator, and 10-12 months in the freezer, but you have to take the right measures for freezing it.

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Wrapping It Up

The outer skin, feel, smell, taste, mold, mushy flesh would indicate that your mango is no longer suitable for consumption. You have to store your mango fruits properly to enjoy the fruit for a longer time. Don’t let it sit on the counter for too long.

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