How to Peel an Avocado

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Learn how to peel an avocado with step-by-step guidance! Peeling an avocado is quite simple, and there are many ways to peel, slice, and dice the avocados.

Try one of the simplest ways to peel the avocado. Avocado is used in many dishes, and it is one of the healthiest fruits. Avocado is used in salads, salsa, dips, sandwiches, and desserts.

I am sharing simple steps to cut an avocado safely and minimize waste because no one wants to waste this precious fruit.

Avocado is a big berry with a single seed. It is naturally sweet and loaded with healthy nutrients. Avocados are delicious.

Sliced avocados added into smoothies, diced avocados are added into salads, and make Guacamole. Avocado is also known as alligator pear or butter fruit.

It is a versatile fruit that enhances the flavor of your dishes.
Moreover, there are many health benefits of avocado; for example, it improves digestion, reduces the risk of depression, and protect from cancer.

Avocado oil is used in many dishes. Peeling avocado is not tricky. You can peel the avocado with a sharp knife.

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Choose the best avocado

While buying avocado, observe the skin of the avocado. It should be dark in color than others. It should be bright green to almost black. 
In addition, avocado should be fresh and but do not mushy. If the avocado is nice, soft to squeeze, and brown, it is the perfect avocado. 


  • Avocados


  • Chef’s Knife

  • Cutting Board

Wash the avocado

Rinse avocado under clean and lukewarm water. Rub avocado with your fingers to remove any dirt or chemical. Do not use soap to clean the avocados. Place on the clean kitchen paper towel and pat dry it.

No one can dispute that avocados are delicious on their own. But have you ever wished you could turn your favorite snack into a salad or baked dish without having to break out a knife? Here is how to peel an avocado without turning it into a mushy mess

Total Time: 3 minutes

Cut the avocado

After washing the avocado:
1. Put the avocado on the cutting board.
2. Hold the knife in your right hand.
3. Carefully cut the avocado lengthwise around the seed of the avocado.
4. Rotate the avocado until you get two half pieces of avocado.
Separate the halves and remove the big seed of the avocado.

Cut avocado into cubes

Take one half of avocado (without peel) and cut from top to bottom and then crosswise. Take a big spoon and scoop out the cubes. Press the skin of avocado and take out all flesh and minimize the wasting any. You can use these cubes in salads.

Mashed the avocado

After removing the pith and skin of the avocado, add the pieces into the food processor and blend it well until a paste.

Cutting techniques:

After removing the big seed of avocado, you can cut in different shapes:
Slices – sliced avocado is perfect for avocado toast or salad
Cubes – cube avocado is best for salsa and salad
Mashed – Mashed avocado is perfect for making toast and Guacamole.

Video on how to cut and peel Avocados

Watch the quick how-to video below to see how easy it is to cut and peel Avocados.

How to store avocado?

You can store the avocado in the freezer or refrigerator:
Refrigerator: Mashed or sliced avocado can be stored in the refrigerator for two days. 
Freezer: Add lemon or lime juice on the top of unused avocado into the air-tight container. Place into the freezer for a month.

Uses of avocado

Smoothies – Add avocado into the food processor with other smoothie ingredients, and then make a yummy smoothie.
Salad – Make cubes of avocado and add them to the salad plates to enhance the flavor of the salad.
Sandwiches – Thinly sliced avocado add into the sandwiches.
Guacamole – mashed avocado is best for making Guacamole.
Cookies – make avocado cookies with chocolate.
Muffins – add avocado into the muffin cups for making yummy muffins
Toast – Apply mashed avocado on the toast.
Salsa – for making salsa add cubes of avocado in it.

Recipes with avocados

  • Green avocado smoothie
  • Quinoa and avocado salad
  • Avocado pudding
  • Stuffed avocado with beans
  • Avocado tostadas
  • Chunky Guacamole
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How do you keep unused avocado green?

First, brush cut side with olive oil and put of olive oil coated plate. Place into the refrigerator for one to two days.
Run under clean water and then store it in the re-sealable plastic bag. It will slow down the browning process. Squeeze lime or lemon juice on the cut surface and then wrap it into the plastic wrap. Store it in an air-tight container.

How do I pick the best romaine lettuce?

Choose fresh and green. Avoid yellowed and wilted leaves.

How do I know avocado is ripe?

Hold it in your palm and press it. Buy dark green to nearly black avocado. But avoid the darkest and mushiest avocado.

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