How To Cut Radish

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Learn how to cut radish with simple step-by-step instructions. Decorate your dish with sliced radish. It is a popular vegetable and one of the healthiest.

How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish

Radishes are a popular vegetable for many reasons. They’re easy to grow, cheap to buy, and versatile enough to go in a variety of cuisines. They also happen to be easy to cut, which you can do using a variety of different methods.

There are lots of different kinds of radishes. Long ones, short ones, red ones, white ones, and even black ones. Today, we’ll be cutting up a daikon radish. It’s a bit larger than a long white radish, and it’s usually a lot sweeter than other types.

Moreover, radishes are packed with healthy nutrients. It is mainly used in salads and vegetable platters. The contrasting color of radish makes the dish pretty and appetizing.

What is radish?

Radish is a root vegetable and belongs to the Brassica family. The close vegetable relatives of radish are:

  • Turnips
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Mustard greens
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale

Moreover, radish comes in different shapes and colors. Another name of radish is globes. There are many varieties of radish, such as black, purple, and white. The taste of radish has a peppery or sweet taste. White Daikon radish has a mild taste. Small radish has a good texture and taste.

Varieties of radishes

There are many types of radishes:

Round radish – They are red, but sometimes, they have different shades such as white pink to purple. 

Black radish – They are black from the outside and snowy white from the inside.

Daikon radishes – This type of radish is the most commonly available – big radish.

French breakfast radish – Elongated round radishes

Horseradish – It is also a type of radish

Watermelon radish – The name of this radish resembles fruit – watermelon radish is pretty reddish-pink from the inside and green from the outside.

White Hailstone radish – long and lush green leaves and look like a golf ball. They are crunchy and mild. 

Where did radish originate?

Radish is a Latin word that means root. It is a vegetable root and is mainly used in salads. Radish origin from China – thousand years ago!

Taste of radishes

All radishes are crispy, crunchy, and mild in flavor. Some radishes are peppery or spicy. Some are sweet. Black radish has pepper bite. Daikon radish, red radish, and French radish have a mild taste. Small radish has a sweet taste.


  • Radish


  • Chef’s Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Peeler

How to prepare radishes

If you want to cook radishes, soak them in iced water for two hours. Rinse and remove greens and roots. 

How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish

How to store radishes

You can add radishes into bags for three to four days into the refrigerator. After that, trim off the leaves before storing them. You can store the radish greens in the refrigerator and wrapped in moist kitchen paper for two days. 

Choose the best radish

Check the top of radish; it should be bright green, not wilted. The roots should be bright colored. The big radish is less crisp, so avoid big radish. Choose small radish if you want sweet radish. 

How to cut radish?

Follow these instructions if you want nice radish cuts.

For chopping

  • First, wash the radish under clean and cold water. 
  • Place radish on the cutting board and trim off the leaves using a sharp knife. 
    Additional Tip: You can use green leaves to garnish the dish. 
  • After that, cut the radish in half lengthwise. 
  • Cut the radish into small wedges. Slice each radish half in half lengthwise and make eight wedges because each radish will give eight wedges.
  • For chopping, cut wedges in half crosswise, and you will get sixteen pieces.  
How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish


  • Cut both ends of radish and remove.
  • Cut each radish thinly to form thin circles. 
  • Cut each circle in half – make a semi-circle
How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish


  • Trim off the ends of the radish and cut radish into a thick slice.
  • Next, stack the radish slices. Slices are put on top of each other.
  • Hold radish slices with one hand, hold the sharp knife with your 2nd hand, and cut slices into matchsticks.
How To Cut Radish
How To Cut Radish


  • First, trim off the greens and roots from the radish. Cut two to three deep cuts from the root end toward the stem end. Turn and make two more cuts. It looks like a tic-tac-toe board. 
    For blossoming: Dip in cold water for a half-hour before garnish. 

Health benefits of radish

There are many health benefits of radish.

Protect the heart: Radish reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Improve skin: It will create a natural cleanser for your face.

Hydrate the body: Eating radish will hydrate the body.

Lower blood pressure: Radishes are in high potassium and keep your blood vessel healthy. 

 Boost immunity: Radish boosts energy.

Radish recipes

  • Radish Confetti 
  • Radish Tartines
  • Radish Salad
  • Radish Chips
  • Roasted Radish
  • Grilled Radishes
  • Daikon Soup

Can I eat Radish Greens?

 Some greens have fuzzy texture and unpleasant texture, but they cooked radish greens remove the fuzzy texture. 

Will cut radishes turn brown?

No, radishes do not turn brown. If you cut radishes in advance, you can add them into the cold water container and store them in the fridge.

Can radishes be frozen?

Yes, radish can be stored in a refrigerator for two days. When you want to freeze the radishes, add them into the zip-lock bag. If you will do it carefully, radish ruins the texture and taste. 

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