How to Cut Green Onions (Scallions)

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Learn how to cut green onions with step-by-step instructions! You can garnish your plates before serving. The process of cutting a green onion is quite simple. I will guide you step-by-step:

How to Cut Green Onions
How to Cut Green Onions

What is the green onion?

Another name for green onions is spring onion and scallions. Green onion adds crunch and flavor to endless dishes, such as curry, salad, casserole, salsa, and meat curry. You can use green onions to garnish the dishes, such as stews, nachos, salad, etc. To cut the green onion is a basic cooking skill, and you must know how to cut green onions. You can cook the green and white parts of the onion. Green onion is packed with essential nutrients. It protects from many diseases and fights against these diseases. For example, make bones strong, decrease cancer risk, decrease obesity, and is good for heart health.

Moreover, green onions are available the whole year. They have bright green tops with a white base. All parts of green onions are edible. Just trim off the tiny roots of green onions. The bulb portion of green onion has a mild flavor. Green onions can be eaten without cooking or with cooking. You can roast, grill, sautéed, and chopped the green onions. Green onions can garnish the soups, dips, salads, tuna or chicken salad, or curry. You can make a paste of green onion using a food processor, freeze it in the refrigerator, and use it later.

Choose the best Green onion

When choosing green onion, it should be crisp, firm, and pale green bulbs. The top of the green onion should be bright green. The green onion should be fresh. Make sure that the green onion should not damage. Avoid green onion with a yellowing top or wilted green. Avoid soggy or rotting white tips. Best of all, choose fresh green onions.

Rinse the green onion

Wash green onion under cold and clean running water. Place on the cutting board and pat dry it. Add into the colander until no water remains. OR Shake them to get rid of excess water. Make sure that there is no dirt on the green onions. If there is any bad or wilted leave, discard it.  

How to cut green onions

After rinsing the green onions:

Step: 1

Place a bunch of green onion on the cutting board. Remove the outer layer of green onion if it is wilted. 

Step: 2

Cut off the root end and tough top of the green end using a sharp kitchen knife. 

Step: 3

Next, line up the green onions and cut them thinly into circulation motion using a sharp kitchen.

How to Cut Green Onions
How to Cut Green Onions

How to cut green onion into rounds

Place a bunch of green onion on the cutting board. Use a rock motion with a sharp knife, and cut green onion to your desired thickness. The green part of the onion is mild in flavor, and it is best for topping your favorite dishes. It can be eaten raw. The white part of the onion is mostly used in cooking. You can add it to the salad.

How to Cut Green Onions
How to Cut Green Onions
How to Cut Green Onions
How to Cut Green Onions

How to eat a green onion raw:

Green onion can be eaten raw. To eat raw, remove the green leaves as well as the bottom where roots are attached. Peel off the outer layer that looks papery and chop the remaining parts into thin rounds. You can add it to soups, salsas, and salads.

What part of green onion do you eat?

Onion is also known as scallions. You can eat it raw. You can eat the white part of the onion. You can add the white part of the onion to the salad. 

How long do you cook green onion?

Add one slice of green onion to the meat and vegetable dish. The green onion will cook for one to two minutes. 

What can I do with a lot of green onion?

You can add green onions to the soups, sandwiches, salad, sauce, and curry. Slice them with a sharp knife as your recipe calls. 

A fun thing to do with green onion:

Garnish the salad dishes and cut them into rounds. 

Make green onion cakes and top with a fried egg. 

Can we replace green onion and scallions or vice versa?

You can use chives and leeks instead of green onions. 

Difference between a scallion and green onion:

The other name for green onion is scallion. The shapes of both are the same. Hollow green stalks and white stems. The taste of both onions is mild. But there can be a technical differences between them. 

How to store green onion

For chopped green onion:

Place chopped onions into the paper towel and run under the clean water. Squeeze out as excess water as possible and then place it on the dry paper towel. Squeeze again to remove the moisture. Let rest or dry for ten to fifteen minutes. Add into the air-tight container with a dry paper towel underneath to prevent moisture. Place into the refrigerator. 

For whole green onions:

There are two methods to store the whole green onion:

Method: 1 – Add a bunch to the glass jar with a tight lid or silicon bag. Trim both sticks and change the water every three to five days.

Method 2 – Roll green onion in a damp and clean paper towel and then roll the whole bunch into a plastic bag.

How to substitute green onion

Chives – You can use chives instead of green onions.

Leeks – You can use leeks instead of green onions.

Recipes with green onions:


How long do uncut green onions last in the fridge?

It will stay fresh for about five days.

How do I get cut green onions to last longer?

Place into the paper towel and run under clean water. Place on the dry paper towel.

What can I do with white parts and green parts?

You can cook the white part. Garnish the green part.

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