How To Cut Chili Peppers

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A guide on how to cut chili peppers for every dish that needs a dash of heat, these tips will help you chop chili peppers the right way!

How To Cut Chili Peppers
How To Cut Chili Peppers

One of the many things that makes chili peppers so unique is their shape.  Chili peppers are typically long, narrow, and a bit curved.  This makes them great for stuffing into foods, but what about cutting a chili pepper?

What if you just bought a great looking chili pepper, but you want to cut it open and use it for cooking?  No problem, as long as you have some kitchen shears and a little patience.  Below we will teach you how to cut a chili pepper.

Chili peppers are one of the most popular spices in the world. They are found in almost every cuisine and can be used to enhance the flavor of a wide range of dishes. But, like any ingredient, they have to be used in the right way.

The key to using them effectively is to not only understand how they are cut, but also when they are cut. Once you understand the basics, you will be able to add just the right amount of flavor to any dish.

Learn how to cut chili peppers! Add spiciness to your soups, dips, curry, meat, and snacks. After preparing the dish, garnish with chili peppers because they give a fantastic appearance to the plate.

Chili pepper is mostly used in Asian cooking more than Western cuisine. Further, three types of chili pepper primarily used in Asian cooking – red chili, green chili, and bird’s eye chili. 

Red chili – do you know? Red chili is the most famous one among the three. You can use this chili in all types of dishes. You can make chili paste by using this chili. Red chili is used as a garnish for this dish. 

Green chili – green chili has valuable use because green chili is used to make biryani and butter chicken. 

Note: You can cut it into small rings and marinate it with vinegar as a condiment.

Bird’s eye chili – this chili is the hottest among the three. It is 4-5 cm long. You can use this chili in making Tomyam soup without cutting. Further, you can use chopped chili in making Thai basil chicken. Use small pieces as a condiment.

Further, chili peppers are considered as fruit, not a vegetable. The chili pepper is the fruit of the plants from the genus “Capsicum,” which are members of the nightshade family – “Solanaceae.” Chili pepper is related to tomatoes, eggplant, and cherries because of its family “Solanaceae.

Remove the seeds without irritates your hands


  • Remove stems:
    To remove the stems, you can use a sharp kitchen knife.
  • Cut it lengthwise:
    Slice it into two halves is the best way.
  • Scrape off the pith and seeds:
    Using the edge of a sharp knife, you can easily remove the pith and seeds.  You can use a metal spoon instead of a sharp knife.
  • Interesting note:
    Do you feel that 2nd bite is spicier than the 1st? Yes, it is true. Many people consider that pith produces more heat than seeds. The inner component is nearest to the stem is the hottest. The capsaicin is the part that irritates your skin, and you feel burning.


  • Red Chili


  • Chef’s Knife
  • Pairing Knife
  • Cutting Board

Video on how to cut red chili

Watch the quick recipe video below to see how easy it is to cut chili peppers.

How to cut, dice, and mince chili pepper?


  • Cut off the stems:
    The comfortable and best way to cut the stems is to use a knife.
  • Cut it lengthwise:
    Cut it and open it into two pieces or cut it into halves.
  • Discard seeds:
    If you want to reduce the heat of chili, remove the seeds. Follow the instruction in the previous section.
  • Place the chili pepper skin side down on the cutting board and cut it lengthwise into thin strips.
  • Cut into dice:
    Rotate it to ninety degrees. Diced the chili crosswise with a sharp knife
  • Minced the chili pepper:
    First, rotate the knife to mince the chili peppers thoroughly. Rock the knife back and forth, one hand on the back of the blade and one hand on the handle. Mince the chili pepper as desired.
    In practice, it is not easy to cut with its skin side down. Use only a flat and clean cutting board if you want a good chopping.
    Note: Use only a sharp knife to cut the chili peppers.
How To Cut Chili Peppers
How To Cut Chili Peppers
How To Cut Chili Peppers
How To Cut Chili Peppers
How To Cut Chili Peppers
How To Cut Chili Peppers

How to cut the chili into rings?

I am sharing the easiest way to cut the chili into rings.


  • Cut crosswise: Place the chili pepper on a flat and clean chopping board. Cut into rings and start from the tip using a good sharp knife.
  • Discard seeds: Shake off the seeds on the chopping board. Pick only rings of chili pepper.

    Note: For cutting bird’s eye chili pepper, use a kitchen shear or scissor instead of a sharp knife. Start slicing from the tip – opposite side of the stem – above the medium bowl. After that, the rings add to the medium bowl and shake the chili rings to remove the seeds. Pick the rings only and remove seeds.
How To Cut Chili Peppers
How To Cut Chili Peppers

The best way to reduce the irritation caused by chilies

Many people are sensitive to capsaicin. The organic part causes the skin.  So, you can wear gloves while slicing the chili pepper.

But, I am sharing some steps without using gloves on how to cut plenty of chilies.

Step: 1

Use parchment paper: Place a piece of parchment paper underneath the clean and flat chopping board. But, make sure that the parchment paper must be bigger than the chopping board.

Step: 2

Do not touch the inner part: After that, hold the chili when you slice off the stems. Cut it into halves. Do not touch the pith and seeds. Next, hold the tip (there is no pith and seeds). Scrape off the pith and seeds using a spoon. Place the seeded chilies aside.

Step: 3

Clean the chopping board and knife: Push all seeds and pith are onto the parchment paper, using the blade of the knife.

  • Clean the sharp knife with parchment paper.
  • When done, remove the parchment paper from the chopping board.
  • Throw the parchment paper with seeds and stems.
  • Place the used knife and chopping board in the sink. Wash under clean water.
  • Wash your hands with dishwasher liquid or alcohol immediately.

After some practice, you do not need to wear gloves. Trust me!

Use chili pepper flower to garnish the dish:

Further, I am sharing some steps on how to make chili pepper flower. Chili flower is an attractive garnish in Asian cooking.

Follow these steps for decorating your meal.

Step: 1

Firstly, cut off the tip of the chili about a centimeter long. Cut it lengthwise and leave one centimeter from the stem. Repeat the procedure by slicing lengthwise to make few strips of equal size.  Remove all pith and seeds from the chili using a spoon.

Step: 2

Soak it for twenty minutes in cold water. The strips will curl slowly in cold water to make “petals” of the flower.

Step: 3

After twenty minutes, remove it from the cold water if you want to use it immediately to garnish the dish.

Note: You can keep it up to one day in cold water for later use.

  • What if accidentally touch the pith and seeds of the chili pepper?

Two methods to reduce the irritation

First: 1 – Use rubbing alcohol:

Clean your hands with alcohol. It will help you to remove the irritation. Chili oil is more soluble in alcohol instead of water.  It will help to remove the oil.

Second:  2 – Use dishwasher liquid:

Do not use hand soap. Use dishwasher liquid because it is dishwasher liquid that has better oil dissolving properties than simple hand soup.

How to Store Chilies?

In Refrigerator: Place chili peppers in the refrigerator for up to two weeks. It will stay fresh for up to two weeks. Cover it in the newspaper or towel and put it in the plastic bag or container.

In the freezer: Chili peppers cannot store in the freezer because they will change their texture after freezing.

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