How Long Does Tofu Last?

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It’s often said that tofu is one of the healthiest foods ever. But what about when it’s about to go bad? How long does tofu last? The answer depends on a variety of factors, including the type of tofu, how it’s stored, and whether any storing precautions have been taken.

How Long Does Tofu Last

Tofu, just like any other kind of food has to be preserved to last longer and serve you well. This is only possible if you know the finer details of the food more so with regards to the matters of its longevity. We are going to let you know more about these in the proceeding conversations.

Does Tofu go bad?

Of course, yes! Tofu is just like any other kind of food. It does not have an infinite shelf life but tends to get worse after some time. How soon this happens is largely dependent though on several factors. Top examples of these are:

  • The specific method of storage of the food
  • How long it has already been stored
  • Whether or not it is opened or unopened
  • The ambient humidity, temperature, and pressure levels
  • Specific varieties of the food

How long does Tofu last?

Roughly 3 to 5 days. That is if it is opened, refrigerated, and stored in a great place. It may last a shorter duration of time if these pre-conditions are not adhered to faithfully. Thus, it is incumbent upon you to see to it that these pre-conditions are provided and upheld diligently throughout the storage sessions.

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How long does Tofu last if unopened?

If it is unopened, Tofu the overall longevity largely depends on the specific variety of the food altogether. The shelf-stable variety lasts a longer duration of time when compared to the refrigerated variety counterpart. Generally, it lasts around 2-3 months before going completely bad (other factors held constant).

As a general rule, you should treat each variety depending on its type. That means you have to keep the shelf-stable variety at the shelf while the refrigerated one in a freezer immediately after purchase and right before use. Then again you have to consume the same within the stipulated timeframes.

How long does Tofu last in the refrigerator?

In case the Tofu is opened and refrigerated at the same time, expect it to last around 3-5 days as long as it is packaged appropriately. If it stays longer than that, it will generally go bad and predispose its consumers to the risks of food poisoning.

After how long does Tofu go bad in the fridge?

Just if the Tofu is left appropriately sealed and fully packaged, it will usually last longer in the fridge. Expect it to last roughly 5-6 months in total. If the seal is however broken or the packaging is opened, you should expect it to take a shorter duration of time on the whole.

How long does cooked Tofu last?

When cooked, Tofu tends to last longer than the raw form. It normally takes an extra 2-3 days in total provided that it is stored in a cool and dry place. Any more than that and the food will start rotting and attracting houseflies. Be sure hence to uphold the hygiene of the area in which it is stored.

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For best results, you want to take great care of your Tofu as much as possible. See to it then, that you familiarize yourself with the case scenarios above and handle your storage appropriately. We wish you all the best in your storage and handling of the food altogether.

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