30+ Foods That Start With X: Here is A List To Inspire You

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The letter X is a very popular letter in the English language. This article will explore some of the foods that start with X, and provide you with inspiration for your next meal!

foods that start with x
Foods that start with X  
XacutiXiang JiaoXmas cookies
Xalapa punchXiangcaojingXnipec
XampinyonsXiao Long BaoXo sauce
Xampinyons en SalsaXiaolongbaoXoài
Xampinyons En Salsa mushroomsXidoufenXocolatl
Xantham GumXiguaXoconostle
Xavier SoupXilacayota SquashXouba
Xavier SteakXimeniaXoubas
Xi Gua LaoXimenia CaffraXylitol
XiaXingren DonfuXylocarp
Xia MiXinomavro Grapes
Xiang CaiXiphias

X is for Xantham Gum, Xanthia, and Xavier Soup. These are just a few of the many foods that start with X. It’s always a fun challenge to come up with new and creative ways to help people eat healthy. This is why we have created this list of foods that start with the letter X.

These are some of our favorite dishes that not only taste great but also offer an excellent balance of macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for you or your family.

When you think of food, what comes to mind? A delicious dish, an elegant meal or a tasty snack. If we were to say the letter X and ask you for foods that start with it, what would your answer be?

The first thing that pops into my head is Xmas cookies; I can’t imagine Christmas without them! What about Xantham Gum? In this article, we will explore some foods that start with the letter X and help inspire your future food endeavors.

Foods that start with the letter X

1. Xacuti

Xacuti is a traditional Goan dish that is very popular in the state of Goa in India, and has recently gained some popularity in the rest of the country too.  It is also very popular in neighboring states like Karnataka and Maharashtra, where you will find a variation of the dish called “Requeitão”.   However, one thing that is common to all of these states is that they all use a lot of chili in their xacuti. The Goan variation also uses a lot of coconut, which gives it a unique taste and aroma.  If you like eating spicy and coconut-flavored dishes, you’ll love xacuti.

2. Xalapa punch

Xalapa punch is a yummy and refreshing drink that is perfect for summer. I think of it as a cross between a sangria and a mojito. It is chilled and refreshing, and is perfect for parties. It is also very easy to make and can be made a few days ahead of time. Xalapa punch has a sweet and tart flavor and is a beautiful pink color.

3. Xampinyons

Xampinyons are a delicious, nutritious and low-calorie snack that is often referred to as the “poor man’s bananas” in Spanish-speaking countries. However, that doesn’t mean they are cheap. On the contrary, xampinyons can cost up to $4 a pound, and they are usually only available in the late summer and fall. However, they are well worth the cost, since the taste is similar to that of a banana or a breadfruit, but with a slightly woody taste.

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4. Xampinyons en Salsa

Sauce made with Xampinyons popular in Spanish dishes. En Salsa means ‘in sauce’ in Spanish, which is to say that the Xampinyons en Salsa from Spain has a rich and intense flavor.

5. Xampinyons En Salsa mushrooms

“Xampinyons en salsa” is a typical Catalan recipe for stuffed mushrooms. Today, I’m bringing you a recipe for making your own. The recipe is traditionally made with wild mushrooms, such as ceps, vierge, girolles, and the like, but, you can also make it with cultivated mushrooms such as the common field mushroom

6. Xantham Gum

Xantham gum is a polysaccharide that is used as a food additive. It’s made from the fermentation of corn sugar and is commonly used as a thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier in food and other products. Since it is a polysaccharide, it is made up of many smaller sugar molecules called monosaccharides. In our bodies, Xantham gum is broken down into these smaller molecules and digested.

7. Xanthia

Xanthia is a fruit that has a rich and tart flavor. It is a native fruit to the South Pacific and has traveled to other countries.

8. Xavier Soup

Xavier soup is a spicy, hearty dish from the Southeastern region of Africa. It’s most common in countries like Mozambique and South Africa, as well as the diaspora communities of South America and the United States. The defining characteristics of Xavier Soup is that it is prepared with a peppery, garlicy broth and contains pieces of beef, chicken, pork or shrimp.

9. Xavier Steak

The xavier steak is a new type of beef that has been created by a scientist at the university of xavier. this is a type of beef that is more or less the same as normal beef, but it doesnt need to be cooked.

10. Xi Gua Lao

Xi Gua Lao is a Chinese dish that consists of stir fried tofu and vegetables served over glass noodles, and is often eaten as a noodle dish for breakfast.

11. Xia

Xia is the perfect meal for a hot sunny day. It’s a cold noodle dish that is incredibly refreshing and delicious. It is what a regular pasta salad would be if it evolved to be a little more flavorful and a lot more delicious.

12. Xia Mi

The xiaomi is a chinese bun that is typically eaten for breakfast. It is made with a rice flour dough that is filled with an egg mixture, and it is steamed. It can be found in most chinese restaurants, but you can also make it yourself at home. The xiaomi is typically served with some sort of meat, such as pork or beef, but sometimes it is also served plain.

13. Xiang Cai

Xiang Cai is the traditional Chinese rice noodle dish. The noodles are made with rice flour and water and are then stir-fried with cabbage and other vegetables. Xiang cai is usually served with a light soy sauce.

14. Xiang Jiao

Xiang Jiao is a sweet and spicy Chinese pastry. It is a popular traditional Chinese food in the region of Nanjing. It is one of Chinese Cuisine’s traditional snack foods. In the old days, it was usually made in the winter, because in the summer it was too hot to allow a sticky pastry to cool.

15. Xiangcaojing

Xiangcaojing is a traditional Chinese sweets, made of white glutinous rice, brown sugar, peanut, sesame, etc.

16. Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao, or XLB, are dumplings from Shanghai, China. The most common filling is a mixture of pork and crab. The dumplings are often served in a hot soup. In Shanghai they are often eaten at breakfast.

17. Xiaolongbao

Few foods can claim to be as distinctive as these dumpling-like buns, whose coiled shape has made them a symbol of Shanghai cuisine. Cooked in large batches and served piping hot, they’re best eaten as soon as possible, preferably straight out of the bamboo basket in which they’re steamed. Shanghai xiaolongbao are typically made with pork and seasoned with ginger, garlic, sesame and soy, but the classic meat-and-pork filling is just the start of this dumpling’s versatility, as restaurants across the city have found inventive ways to fill and flavor them.

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18. Xidoufen

Xidoufen is an ingredient found in several prescriptions used to treat depression.

19. Xigua

Xigua is a kind of Chinese drink made from sugar, salt and water, that is both popular and famous in China. Since the credit of the drink was attached to the city of Xigua, it has been called Xigua of Xigua.

20. Xihongshi

Xihongshi, also known as red sorghum, is a gluten-free grain cultivated in China, where it is used to make dumplings, noodles, and a fermented alcoholic beverage. Xihongshi is a rather soft grain, making it a great rice substitute although it’s not technically a grain at all.

21. Xilacayota Squash

The Xilacayota squash is a type of squash that originates from the Andean region of South America and that is used widely in the region.  The squash is a winter squash and is harvested in the summer months, typically in early August.  This squash is a small, round squash that is most commonly used while still in its immature stage.  The squash is very versatile and is used in soups, stews, and side dishes.

22. Ximenia

The Ximenia is a type of plant that can be found in Southern Africa, and is also known as the Desert Date or the Wild Date.

23. Ximenia Caffra

Ximenia Caffra is a specific type of fruit, found in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. It has a strawberry like taste, but the fruit is not very sweet. It is a very healthy fruit, which is used to make jams and jellies. The fruit is also used for cooking, and is not very expensive.

24. Xingren Donfu

Xingren Donfu is a traditional Chinese dessert consisting of cooked glutinous rice that has been mixed with sweetened red bean paste, then wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed. It is one of the most popular snacks in China, especially in the autumn when harvest time approaches. Although it is traditionally eaten for its taste, Xingren Donfu is also known as a weight loss food.

25. Xinomavro Grapes

To say that Xinomavro grapes are hard to find is an understatement. In fact, these grapes are so rare that they are only grown in four vineyards in Greece, one of them being in the northern part of the country. This is because Xinomavro grapes are extremely difficult to grow. They take a year longer to reach maturity than other grapes, and they are susceptible to a multitude of diseases and disorders.

26. Xiphias

Xiphias is kind of a cross breed between a swordfish and tuna. The cheek meat is the same texture and taste as swordfish, which is delicious. The belly meat is quite similar to a tuna, but is a lot cheaper.

27. Xmas cookies

It’s not a secret that Xmas cookies are a time-honored tradition that can be traced back to the beginning of the century. You can choose from a huge variety of Xmas cookies, but the best ones are the ones with chocolate!

28. Xnipec

Xnipec is a Mexican recipe for tamales wrapped in banana leaves, instead of corn husks. These tamales are made with green banana leaves, which are sturdier than the more common banana plant leaves. The result is a tamale that is not only very pretty, but also a lot firmer and easier to handle.

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29. Xo sauce

Xo Sauce is a thick, spicy sauce that can be used in a variety of ways. Most commonly, it is served with Chinese food, but it can also be used as a dip for appetizers or even as a topping for burgers.

30. Xoài

Xoài is a fruit that comes from the Annona squamosa tree. It is also known as Sugar Apple, Sweetsop, Custard Apple, or Loofah. This fruit has a white flesh that is sweet and creamy, with a mildly tangy flavor. It is best enjoyed chilled. Xoài is commonly eaten in Southeast Asia, India, Malaysia, and many other countries.

31. Xocolatl

Xocolatl is a heavy, sweet drink made from chocolate and other spices. It was the elite drink of the Aztec empire, and was traditionally only consumed by the rulers and nobles.

32. Xoconostle

Xoconostle is the fruit of the Prickly Pear Cactus and is native to Mexico. It has a sour, lemony flavor that many people describe as an acquired taste.

33. Xoi

Xoi is a traditional Lao dish you can find in Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Xoi is a sticky rice dish, cooked with minced pork and eaten with shrimp paste, fish sauce or soy sauce. The dish is usually wrapped in banana leafs and sometimes eaten with a spoon. Xoi is a very popular dish in Laos and it is usually served to guests and at celebrations.

34. Xouba

Xouba is a generic word in French used to describe a thick stew. It is made from meat, vegetables and is thickened with a flour-and-oil roux. The meat is cooked in water or broth, and then the vegetables are added. The mixture is then simmered until the vegetables are tender.

35. Xylitol

Xylitol is a naturally occurring sweetener found in some fruits and vegetables as well as many hardwood trees.

36. Xylocarp

The Xylocarp is probably one of the most unique fruits you’ll ever come across, and that’s because it’s not actually a fruit at all. It’s actually a type of berry, and despite being called a “fruit,” it’s actually closer to a vegetable. It’s not very common in the United States, but it’s native to Asia, where it’s a popular dessert ingredient, and it’s often used to make jam, jelly and liqueur.

Final Thoughts

It can be hard to find a food that starts with the letter X, but we’ve done our best to come up with some interesting options. There are many dishes in different cultures and cuisines from around the world. Try one of these foods next time your craving something unique!

If we missed any, please comment below so others can see it!

foods that start with x

Foods That Start With X

Yield: 30
Prep Time: 6 minutes
Total Time: 6 minutes

The letter X is a very popular letter in the English language. This article will explore some of the foods that start with X, and provide you with inspiration for your next meal!


  • 1. Xacuti
  • 2. Xalapa punch
  • 3. Xampinyons
  • 4. Xampinyons en Salsa
  • 5. Xampinyons En Salsa mushrooms
  • 6. Xantham Gum
  • 7. Xanthia
  • 8. Xavier Soup
  • 9. Xavier Steak
  • 10. Xi Gua Lao
  • 11. Xia
  • 12. Xia Mi
  • 13. Xiang Cai
  • 14. Xiang Jiao
  • 15. Xiangcaojing
  • 16. Xiao Long Bao
  • 17. Xiaolongbao
  • 18. Xidoufen
  • 19. Xigua
  • 20. Xihongshi
  • 21. Xilacayota Squash
  • 22. Ximenia
  • 23. Ximenia Caffra
  • 24. Xingren Donfu
  • 25. Xinomavro Grapes
  • 26. Xiphias
  • 27. Xmas cookies
  • 28. Xnipec
  • 29. Xo sauce
  • 30. Xoài
  • 31. Xocolatl
  • 32. Xoconostle
  • 33. Xoi
  • 34. Xouba
  • 35. Xylitol
  • 36. Xylocarp


    1. Pick any 3 familiar foods that start with X
    2. Choose any other 3 food items that are not that familiar to you.

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