5 Best Cumberland Sausage Substitutes

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There are many different types of sausages that can be substituted for Cumberland sausage depending on what you need it to taste like. Here is a list of the 5 best substitutions.

Cumberland Sausage Substitutes

Cumberland sausage, originating in the north of England and popularized by Princess Victoria during her reign from 1837 to 1901. Cumberland is a mild pork-based meaty British sausages with flavorings common herbs and spices.

It freezes well, can be stuffed into casings or formed patties depending on preference. This traditional recipe has little filler for those looking for less breading but still want lots of meat flavor.

The closest alternative is “breakfast sausage” which is generally pork sausage with sage, thyme and black pepper. It’s not perfect but will do and is definitely better than Italian alternatives!

What you might find different is that some have brown sugar which is definitely not Cumberland so you’ll want to find one that doesn’t if you can.

Cumberland Sausage Alternatives

1. Caroline Sausage

Caroline sausages are a great alternative to Cumberland sausage. They’re usually made of beef, which appeals to those who don’t eat pork meat. These sausages have an amazing flavor and they’re ready for you after just minutes on the stovetop!

Unlike most other types of sausage, Caroline’s has a strong taste that many customers love–especially because it doesn’t take much time at all…and is available near every store in town!

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2. Black Pudding

Blood pudding is a traditional dish in the U.K., primarily eaten by those who reside near where it originates, like England and Ireland. These sausages are made of pork meat combined with pig blood for that infamous red color you’d expect from this type of foodstuff – as well as beef sometimes!

Oatmeals integrated into its recipe give these puddings an extra boost of protein while also giving them bits more texture than your average sausage or ham would have to offer since they usually only rely on spices alone without any other ingredients.

The taste differs greatly from Cumberland Sausage (sounds weird but tastes good!) making Blood Pudding another option if one feels inclined to try something new when eating out

3. Country Sausage

In the United States, country sausage is a popular breakfast choice. Unlike Cumberland sausages that can be difficult to find and prepare at home, these are more manageable in size and have an excellent balance of flavors .

The all-American breakfast sausage is a staple of small town diners and greasy spoon cafes across the country. Unlike its famous British cousin, this type is smaller in size with an ever so balanced taste that will satisfy your craving for meaty sustenance any time you can’t find Cumberland sausages on hand.

4. Lincolnshire Sausage

English sausages are some of the most flavorful and healthy available, often with only one or two ingredients. The Lincolnshire sausage is typically made from pork meat that has been finely ground instead of being minced like in other types such as Cumberland Sausage. These delicate yet hearty sausages can be found at all superstores but it may take a little more research to find an original Caroline since they’re not readily available for purchase compared to their counterparts!

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English sausages have set themselves apart through centuries by having only single-ingredient recipes allowing them to maintain their distinctive flavor while remaining low in fat content. One example would be the famous Lincolnshire pudding which comes directly from England’s county of North East Devon.

5. Chipolata Sausage

In the UK, chipolatas are more commonly eaten than in America. Originally from France, they consist of coarsely ground pork meat that is seasoned with sage, thyme and a few spices to make them taste different but not too strong. Chipolatas work well as alternatives for Cumberland sausages because their texture is slightly different despite being made up of similar ingredients.

Final thoughts

Frequently asked questions

What do Cumberland sausages taste like?

The pork is coarsely ground, succulent u0026amp; rich in flavour with a subtle hint of black pepper to deliver that classic Cumberland flavor.

Why is Cumberland sausage in a ring?

They use natural casings that allow our sausages to breathe, and infuse the meat with a rich even flavour.

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