Candy That Starts With V

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Candy That Starts With V
Candy That Starts With V

Americans have a wide range of candy to choose from, but there are a few that stand out in particular. One example is candy that starts with the letter v.

This includes such favorites as Valomilk, Vickerman, and Violet Mints. All of these candies are delicious and have a unique flavor that sets them apart from other sweets.

If you’re looking for something new to try, be sure to check out some of the great candy options starting with v!

List of Candies That Sart With V

Here is the list of 13 candies starting with the letter V!

  1. Valentine Heart Candy
  2. Valomilk
  3. Vanilla Taffy
  4. Vanilla Wafers
  5. Venus Bars
  6. Vickerman
  7. Victorinox
  8. Victory V
  9. Vimto
  10. Violet Crumble
  11. Violet Mints
  12. Volcano Rocks
  13. Vovo

A Quick History On Candy

Throughout history, there have been many inventions, including the bulb, the wheel, the alphabet, and then candy. Yes, candy might not be as important as other inventions but it sure did put a smile on your face.

Many people around the world love candy but, the question is what did people do before candy was invented? What did people do when they craved something sweet?

Well, when we look at history we can see that people enjoyed sweet treats for thousands of years. Even though sweet treats have been around for thousands of years, most sweet treats were sweetened using honey or fruit extracts.

Let’s look at ancient India. People from India invented something that was deliciously new, it was incredibly sweet and it was not honey or fruit extracts as the rest of the world was used to.

When people from other countries visited India they were delighted by these delicious treats and asked what were they called. Their answer was one word “Khanda” as we know today as candy.

Visitors were stunned by these treats and surprised they were not made from honey or fruit as they are used to. Ancient Indians showed the visitors what this delicious treat was made from, a plant that drew only in India at that time and what we know as sugar cane today.

By smashing this plant Ancient Indians took the juice from it and boiled it until it reduced and cooled it off into crystals. This amazing new invention was called “Sharkara” in Sanskrit, what we call today sugar.

Soon other people began taking sugar back to their country and began making their own treats. Over time new treats like chocolate bars, lollypops, candy cane, and caramels were invented almost every day. Factories soon made candy at a rate that the world couldn’t keep up with.

So to summarise, people around the world enjoyed sweet treats for years but the credit for the invention of these sweet treats goes to ancient Indians who taught the rest of the world how to make candy.

Classification Of Candy

Candy is a fun, delicious snack that everyone enjoys. But what kind of candy is the best? Is it chocolate, gummy bears, or something else entirely?

Below, we explore the different types of candy and their unique characteristics. So put on your sugar-coated glasses and get ready to indulge in some sweet treats!

Candy Taxonomy Classification Infographic Poster
Candy Taxonomy Classification Infographic Poster

More on Candy beginning with the letter V

Valentine Heart Candy

Valentine’s conversation hearts are small, heart-shaped sugar candies popular around Valentine’s Day. Each heart candy is printed with a message such as “Be Mine,” “Kiss Me,” “Call Me,” “Let’s Get Busy,” or “Miss You.”


The name VALOMILK DIP was inspired by the key ingredients in the candy – real vanilla, marshmallow, and milk – which create a creamy, hand-dipped treat. The name was later shortened to VALOMILK, but the original VALOMILK DIPS were two ounces in one large cup.

Valomilk is a classic chocolate candy cup with a creamy marshmallow center. Each package contains two milk chocolate cups, making it the perfect treat for sharing.

Vanilla Taffy

Each Taffy Town taffy is twisted in a wax wrapper with our trademark red lettering, making it easy for our fans to identify our product wherever it may be sold. Our colorful taffies with individual wrappers are perfect for candy buffets, holiday treats, summer snacks, and party favors.

Vanilla Wafers

Nilla Wafers are light, crispy cookies that melt in your mouth, with a delicious vanilla flavor. This simple recipe uses only a few ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. All you need is flour, sugar, butter, eggs, and vanilla extract.

Venus Bars

This divine candy cube is made with freeze-dried strawberries wrapped in creamy white chocolate and coated with a sweet candy shell. It is truly a mythical masterpiece!


This candy-shaped ornament is a festive addition to your holiday ornament collection. It is made of shatterproof plastic and has a loop for easy hanging. It is accented with a glitter swirl design.


The Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife in Candy Corn is a Swiss Knife Shop exclusive featuring the iconic yellow, orange, and white candy corn colors. This unique knife is not only an excellent key holder, but also features a unique design.

Victory V

Victory V lozenges are a British brand of liquorice-flavoured lozenges. Originally devised and manufactured by hand in Nelson, Lancashire by Thomas Fryer and Edward Smith MD in 1864, Victory V lozenges were created to ensure each sweet contained the correct amount of therapeutic ingredients; ether, liquorice, and sugar. Today, Victory V lozenges are still made with the same dedication to quality and care, and continue to be a delicious and refreshing treat.


These retro sweets are perfect for a quick sugar hit. Vimto is a delicious combination of grape, blackcurrant and raspberry fruit, and is made with real fruit juices for that special flavour the kids just love.

Violet Crumble

The Violet Crumble bar is a unique and delicious treat. Its crispy golden honeycomb center is encased in milk chocolate, and it shatters in your mouth with every bite. The nougat-like center is what sets this bar apart from other chocolate bars, and it’s sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Violet Mints

Choward’s Violet Mints have a distinct floral flavor and fragrance, making for a one-of-a-kind candy experience.

Volcano Rocks

Volcano Rocks were a type of candy produced in the United States by The Willy Wonka Candy Company throughout the 1970s and 1980s. These candies were solid pieces of sugar candy that resembled multi-colored rocks, similar to the colorful gravel often found at the bottom of fish bowls.


Sherbert has a complex aroma with notes of skunky citrus, sweet berry, and a candy-like smell. It has a carefree mindset and physical relaxation that comes with this rich hybrid.

Final Thoughts On Candy That Starts With V

Well, that’s all we have for now! Do you know of any other candies that start with the letter V? Let us know in the comments down below if we missed any. And be sure to share this post with your friends and family – they’re sure to love it!

Candy That Starts With V
Candy That Starts With V
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