Candy That Starts With G

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Candy That Starts With G
Candy That Starts With G

Would you believe that there are more than 20 types of candy that start with the letter “g”? From gummy bears to gag balls, this wide and wacky world of candies can be explored in all its glory.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started! Oh, and don’t forget to bring a sweet tooth. 😉

List of Candies That Sart With G

Here is the list of 19 candies starting with the letter G!

  1. Galaxy Chocolate Bar
  2. Ghirardelli
  3. Gobbstoppers
  4. Godinger
  5. Godiva
  6. Goo Goo Cluster
  7. Goobers
  8. Good & Plenty
  9. Grand
  10. Grapehead
  11. Green Candy
  12. Green Lollipop
  13. Gum
  14. Gumballs
  15. Gumdrops
  16. Gummy Bears
  17. Gummy Shotz
  18. Gummy Worms
  19. Gusano

A Quick History On Candy

Throughout history, there have been many inventions, including the bulb, the wheel, the alphabet, and then candy. Yes, candy might not be as important as other inventions but it sure did put a smile on your face.

Many people around the world love candy but, the question is what did people do before candy was invented? What did people do when they craved something sweet?

Well, when we look at history we can see that people enjoyed sweet treats for thousands of years. Even though sweet treats have been around for thousands of years, most sweet treats were sweetened using honey or fruit extracts.

Let’s look at ancient India. People from India invented something that was deliciously new, it was incredibly sweet and it was not honey or fruit extracts as the rest of the world was used to.

When people from other countries visited India they were delighted by these delicious treats and asked what were they called. Their answer was one word “Khanda” as we know today as candy.

Visitors were stunned by these treats and surprised they were not made from honey or fruit as they are used to. Ancient Indians showed the visitors what this delicious treat was made from, a plant that drew only in India at that time and what we know as sugar cane today.

By smashing this plant Ancient Indians took the juice from it and boiled it until it reduced and cooled it off into crystals. This amazing new invention was called “Sharkara” in Sanskrit, what we call today sugar.

Soon other people began taking sugar back to their country and began making their own treats. Over time new treats like chocolate bars, lollypops, candy cane, and caramels were invented almost every day. Factories soon made candy at a rate that the world couldn’t keep up with.

So to summarise, people around the world enjoyed sweet treats for years but the credit for the invention of these sweet treats goes to ancient Indians who taught the rest of the world how to make candy.

Classification Of Candy

Candy is a fun, delicious snack that everyone enjoys. But what kind of candy is the best? Is it chocolate, gummy bears, or something else entirely?

Below, we explore the different types of candy and their unique characteristics. So put on your sugar-coated glasses and get ready to indulge in some sweet treats!

Candy Taxonomy Classification Infographic Poster
Candy Taxonomy Classification Infographic Poster

More on Candy beginning with the letter G

Galaxy Chocolate Bar

Galaxy is a chocolate bar that was first manufactured in the United Kingdom in the 1960s. It is made and marketed by Mars Inc.

Galaxy is available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa, the Middle East, Morocco, India, Pakistan, Malta, and is also available in the United States, Canada, Mexico and various Continental European countries as Dove.

Galaxy chocolate bars were ranked the second-best-selling in the UK in 2014, after Cadbury Dairy Milk.


Ghirardelli provides an unparalleled chocolate experience, from the classic SQUARES to bars, baking chips, and sauces. Ghirardelli is committed to sustainability and has a comprehensive plan in place to help address today’s challenges and create a better tomorrow.


Gobstopper is a jawbreaker candy that changes flavor and color as you eat it. With a tart center and layers of flavor, Gobstopper is a unique and exciting candy that will keep you guessing what’s next.


A rich, creamy white chocolate ganache, flavoured with the finest Madagascan vanilla and enrobed in a dark chocolate shell. Lady Godiva embossed onto the chocolate for a truly luxurious experience.

Goo Goo Cluster

Goo Goo Cluster is a candy bar that has been around since 1912. The bar is made up of three layers of chocolate, caramel, and peanuts. The bar is named after the sound that the inventor, Charles W. Ressler, made when he tasted the candy for the first time.


Nestle’s Goobers are a delicious treat made from premium, freshly roasted peanuts covered in creamy milk chocolate. With 5 grams of protein in each serving, Goobers are a great source of energy.

Good & Plenty

Good & Plenty is a brand of delicious licorice candy. The candy is made with a narrow cylinder of sweet black licorice, coated in a hard candy shell to create a capsule shape. The pieces are then colored bright pink and white, and presented in a purple box or bag.


This candy has a sweet, fruity exterior with a solid center. The grape flavor is similar to that of Lemonhead candy, only with a more pronounced grape taste. These were invented by Ferrara using the same cold-panned process as Red Hots. Lemonheads are a delicious twist on a hot idea. Round and lemony-good, with a hard candy core inside a soft shell, they are sure to please everyone.

Green Lollipop

Lollipops come in many different colors, but there is something special about green lollipops. Maybe it’s the fact that they are relatively uncommon, or maybe it’s the fact that they are associated with springtime and new beginnings. Whatever the reason, green lollipops are definitely a treat worth savoring.


Chewing gum is a type of candy that is designed to be chewed but not swallowed. It is typically made of gum base, sweeteners, softeners, flavors, and colors. Some chewing gum also has a hard or powdery coating.

The texture of this polymer is similar to rubber because of the physical-chemical properties of its plasticizer and resin components. These components contribute to its elastic-plastic, sticky, and chewy characteristics.


There’s an extensive selection of gumballs in a variety of sizes, colors, and flavors. Whether you’re a fan of the classic gumball or something a little more unique, we have something for everyone. Gumballs are perfect for parties, celebrations, and gifts. Order your gumballs today!

Planning on hosting a party? Make sure to stock up on glass jars and gumball machines for a vintage look. Wrapping some up in goodie bags and giving them away to party guests is a great way to show your appreciation. You can even stuff some into a pinata for a tasty surprise!


Gumdrops are a type of gummy candy made from pectin. They are brightly colored, often shaped like a narrow dome with a flattened top, and coated in granulated sugar. They can have fruit or spice flavors.

Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are a type of small, fruit gum candy that is similar to a jelly baby in some English-speaking countries. These candies are typically about 2 cm (0.8 inches) long and are shaped like bears. Gummy bears are just one type of gummy candy that is popular and made from gelatin. These candies come in a variety of shapes and colors.

Gummy Shotz

Made with gummy, these edible shot glasses are the perfect chasers. Gummy Shots are available in two different six-packs, each with two of each flavor. Choose from blue raspberry, red cherry, and orange or lemon, lime, and cola. Or order both sets and party like it’s 1999!

Gummy Worms

Gummy worms are a childhood favorite for many, but did you know that these squiggly sweets have a surprisingly rich history? These wiggly treats have been around for centuries, and their popularity is only growing.


Discover the flavor of Mexico with snacks from Gusano. Those who enjoy spice will love these flavorful treats! If you have never had the chance to try Mexican candy, these candies are a great place to start. Choose from selection of traditional flavors, including tamarind and chamoy. Each of our sauces is spiced with chili to give it a desirable flavor that is not too hot and not too cool. Some might say that the liquid candy is just right and that there are many ways to enjoy it. Of course, you can drink it straight from the bottle, but you can also use it as a garnish.

Final Thoughts On Candy That Starts With G

That’s all for today, folks! Be sure to let us know in the comments down below if we missed any of your favorite candies that start with the letter “g.” And don’t forget to come back next week for another fun post about everyone’s favorite subject – candy!

Candy That Starts With G
Candy That Starts With G
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