Can You Freeze Plantains?

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The fruit’s versatility has made it popular in many cuisines across the world, but it can be challenging to cook and prepare. In fact, many people do not know the proper way to freeze plantains, even though they are a great ingredient in a wide range of dishes.

Can You Freeze Plantains

Plantains are one of the common ethnic cuisines that are found all year round. They are fruits in the banana family and are a good source of carbohydrates, magnesium, fiber, Vitamin C, and potassium.

Moreover, plantains are believed to have originated in Southeast Asia and are eaten more like a vegetable than a fruit. One of the best things about plantains is that they contain no cholesterol. All you need to do is boil or fry them while green.

But can you preserve this delicacy for future use? Well, the answer is yes. Read on for a detailed insight into how to go about freezing plantains.

How to Freeze Green Plantains

The most effective way to preserve plantains is when smashed. Start by cutting the top and bottom parts of the fruit and peel them by scoring a line down the peel. Remove the peel and cut them into small slices.

Add doing so, place them in a bowl and add one teaspoon of lemon juice for every plantain you place in the bowl. Ideally, the main reason for adding the acid is to help prevent the exposed plantain from browning.

Fry the slices until golden over but ensure you turn them over to ensure they are evenly cooked. You can now use a potato masher to mash the plantain until there is even consistency.

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Place the mashed plantain in an airtight container and freeze for later consumption. They should stay fresh in a well-working freezer for 4 to 6 weeks.

How to Try Frozen Plantains

You should note there is no need to thaw plantains. All you need to do is heat them in a frying pan with just enough oil. Place them in a dish with a paper towel to soak up the oil and add spices to the desired state.

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Final Thoughts

Besides the fact that plantains take longer to ripen as compared to regular bananas, there is quite a wide range of cooking them at any stage of ripening.

Ensure you put the above factors into consideration when looking to preserve this delicacy, and there is no doubt that you will experience exceptional results.

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