Best Tomato Puree Substitutes: 5 Alternatives to Tomato Puree

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Tomato puree is a staple in many kitchens. It can be used to make tomato sauce, soup, and more. If you’re looking for an alternative that tastes similar, here are the five Best Tomato Puree Substitutes that will work!

Tomato Puree

A lot of people are looking for tomato puree substitutes because they want to try something new. Here we will discuss five alternatives that you can use in your cooking, and give a brief description of what makes each one different from the others.

Tomato paste

This is the best alternative to tomato puree if you want a thicker consistency in your food. It also has more flavor than other options on this list, and is perfect for those who like their food extra thick or chunky with chunks in it!

Tomato paste

Tomato sauce

Many use tomato sauce to get the same effect as tomato puree. The thing to remember is that tomato sauce will have a thicker consistency, so if you want your food thinner and smoother than it would be with tomato sauce then use another option on this list instead!

Tomato sauce is also a great option for those who like to have thick chunks in their food.

Tomato sauce

Tomatoes, canned

Canned tomatoes give you the same taste as tomato puree but have a chunky consistency and are also available in any grocery store.

Fresh tomatoes will give the same taste as tomato puree, however can be more expensive to purchase depending on what time of year you’re buying them from!

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Canned or fresh is just up to your preference!

best tomato puree substitute

Roasted tomatoes

Roasted tomatoes are my go-to alternative for tomato puree. This is because they are the perfect consistency for any sauce or pasta dish and don’t need to be cooked before use (which gets rid of all those excess liquid from canned tomatoes and the horrendous amount of preservatives).

Tomatoes, roasted in a pan with olive oil until caramel browned on the outside give plenty of flavors so there’s no need for extra spices! Let them cool down slightly then blend them up into a smooth puree and you have yourself some delicious homemade tomato puree!

best tomato puree substitute

Fresh tomatoes

Nothing beats making puree from your own fresh tomatoes!

This is a really good option if you are looking for something that’s just as healthy and delicious. Fresh tomatoes also have the advantage of adding some freshness to your dish, whereas canned or roasted tomato puree doesn’t give off those same vibes. This will be my go-to when I’m buying tomatoes in bulk during tomato peak season.

best tomato puree substitute

Pizza Sauce

This is not my favorite but it does the job. It’s also what I will use when I get a hankering for something quick and easy but don’t have tomato puree at hand. You can find this at pretty much any grocery store, which is one of the reasons why it may be my go-to in emergencies.

Pizza sauce contains high sugar or syrup, salt, tomato paste, and spices.

I’m not a big fan of the sugar that’s added to this sauce because it can taste really good at first but end up leaving you feeling funny afterward if there is too much. It also has high sodium content which is my least favorite part about this sauce!

best tomato puree substitute

What is Tomato Puree?

Tomato puree is a paste that’s made from tomatoes. It can be used as an ingredient in dishes when cooking, or to make sauces and soups taste better.

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Tomato purée typically means you’re using tomatoes that have been cooked down into a thick paste which is more concentrated than regular tomato, so it’s perfect if you want to use less liquid and add a rich tomato flavor to a sauce or soup.

How to make Tomato Puree?

To make a quick and easy homemade tomato puree, you need 3 pounds of tomatoes.

The next step is peeling the skin off using your hands or gloves. Then remove the seeds from inside.

To make tomato puree, you will need to either cook the tomatoes in a pot for about 30 minutes with other ingredients and blend them together until they turn into a puree.

How to make Tomato Puree

You can also add seasonings of choice such as salt and pepper. The more seasoning you use, the better tasting your puree will be. Remember that if you are using canned tomatoes, you will need to drain them first.

How to make Tomato Puree 1

Usefull Tips:

  1. Experiment with different substitutes for tomato puree in your recipes.
  2. Try using a mixture of tomato paste and water for your favorite sauces.
  3. If you want something sweeter but don’t want to use sugar, try using honey or maple syrup instead.
  4. Start by adding a little bit of any substitute you are interested in and see how it tastes before adding more until you’re happy with your sauce!

Related Questions:

How do you make tomato puree from tomato sauce?

To make, you will need some tomatoes (canned or fresh doesn’t matter), water, and seasonings of choice such as salt and pepper. You can either cook the tomatoes in a pot for about 30 minutes with these other ingredients or blend them together until they turn into a puree.

Can tomato puree be used in place of tomato sauce?

Absolutely! Tomato puree is often used in place of tomato sauce (or even canned tomatoes) and its consistency can be altered to fit your needs. The only difference between the two would be that tomato sauce will have a few more seasonings added to it, such as salt and pepper or sweeteners for example.

What is tomato pulp?

Tomato pulp is what you get after running the ground up tomatoes through a sieve with some water added so it doesn’t clog up the machine. It is a tomato puree that has water added to it and can be used as an ingredient for dishes or sauces in cooking, but not always necessary because tomato pulp still provides natural flavor.

Final Thoughts

Blog post conclusion paragraph: We hope this article has given you some helpful tips for how to find the best tomato puree substitute. No matter what your need, we’re confident that there’s a product out there that will help make meal prepping easier and tastier!

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