Are Original Pringles Vegan?

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Pringles are the most popular potato chips and are the crisp staple of any snack food or buffet. If you are a vegan, you might think that you might never get to taste the classic crisp. However, what if there are types of Pringles that are vegan?


Stick along to find out the answer to the question ”are original pringles vegan” and different types of Pringle flavors and options that are suited for vegans.

Pringles: Vegan or Not?

Also regarded as the fourth most popular snack worldwide, you might be tempted to ask yourself whether there exist vegan-friendly options.

Note that the original Pringles are vegan, and all the ingredients are vegan-friendly. Its flavors contain vegetable oils, dehydrated potatoes, wheat flour, rice flour, yeast extract, emulsifier, color, and other ingredients.

Original Pringles Flavors

Even so, you should also note that the majority of Pringle brands are available in numerous flavors. As a result, it can be hard to distinguish between vegan flavors and those that are not. Below is a highlight of some of the best flavors that are considered vegan-friendly.

  • Pringles Paprika
  • Pringles Original
  • Pringles Texas BBQ Sauce
  • Pringles Smokey Bacon

The majority of these flavors are derived from sawdust and wood chips, which are first burnt at high temperatures, and then its smoke particles condensed to give off a smoke flavoring.

Bacon flavoring comes from a mix of onion powders and garlic, which is combined with spices, sugar, coffee, and other natural flavorings. Other ingredients include torula yeast. When it is dried it produces a smoky flavoring, which adds to the illusion of bacon.

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Finally, the caramel coloring is sugar browned at high temperatures. Typically, this ingredient makes it not the healthiest option.

Natural Flavors

Natural flavors, on the other hand, are the best option mainly because they are extracted from plant-based sources. Animal-based ingredients are also used, which makes it necessary to check the label before considering to purchase.

According to FDA, oleoresin, essential oil, distillate, hydrolysate, extractive or essence, or any product of enzymolysis, heating or roasting, which has the flavoring constitutes derived from a fruit, spice, or vegetable or fruit juice, vegetable, bud, herb, leaf, edible yeast or similar plant material, seafood, meat, dairy, poultry, dairy products thereof, whose vital function in food is flavoring rather than nutritional.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the available vegan options, it is possible to enjoy your favorite potato chips without worrying about breaking any vegan rule.

Ensure you put the above factors into consideration and ensure you check the ingredient list to find out whether it is 100% vegan.

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