Are Mushrooms Vegan?

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Unbelievably, as obvious as it might seem, there are some arguments about whether mushrooms are vegan-friendly. Most people consider them to be vegan because they are categorized in the Fungi kingdom and not the Animalia kingdom.

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Apart from that, they can be grown sustainably without using any animal by-products, and therefore, vegan people feel comfortable eating them. Read on for a detailed insight into why mushrooms may or may not be vegan.

Can Mushrooms Feel Pain?

The most common argument by vegans is that eating meat leads to unnecessary pain and suffering of livestock. But because mushrooms lack a central nervous system, they cannot feel any pain and are as conscious as plants are.

What’s more, mushrooms do not portray any signs of distress when you pluck them from the ground. This is also the case when you eat or chop them.

So, when you pick mushrooms, it’s more like the equivalent of plucking ripe mangoes off the trees rather than destroying the entire trees themselves. The main body of the fungus continues to live and thrive even when the mushrooms are gone.

Why Might Mushroom Not Be Vegan?

There are several reasons why some people might not consider mushrooms vegan. Among some of the concerns is whether they are alive or not. Many individuals get confused about what vegans can eat or not, especially with live organisms such as bacteria-based food and yeast.

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Well, as you might have guessed, mushrooms are alive. It is also imperative to note that they are not animals and are much closer to being plants. Even so, the latest statistics reveal that mushrooms are much closer to animals than plants- in terms of genetics, evolution, and biology.

Note that mushrooms are not part of the plant or animal kingdom but another considerable side that is fine for vegans. They are, therefore, safe to consume and integrate quite a wide range of essential nutrients such as vitamin C and D.

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Why Mushrooms are Vegan

Today, the majority of mushrooms are farmed rather than grown. The growing medium is specifically controlled and, therefore, does not contain animal products.

For this reason, if you are a vegan looking to try out this delicacy, you can pick them from suppliers that grow them using plant matter. Also, ensure you enquire about the material used to grow the mushrooms before you can make your purchase.

Final Thoughts

So, are mushrooms vegan food? Based on the above insight, there is no reason for a vegan to doubt why they shouldn’t eat mushrooms. They are safe to consume and contain essential vitamins that are hard to find outside animal products.

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