Are Cinnamon Toast Crunches Vegan?

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Cinnamon toast crunch is one of the most popular cereals available in today’s market. You might remember this breakfast cereal from your childhood, and you might be still in love with it; however, the question is, are cinnamon toast crunches vegan? If you switched to veganism, finding the answer to this question is vital.

Cinnamon Toast Crunches vegan

When answering this question, you will be surprised by the significantly high number of contradicting information on whether cinnamon toast crunch is vegan. Different websites categorize cinnamon toast crunch differently, with some claiming to be vegan and others claiming it is not. To find the answer to this question, you should consider reading this article to the end.

Are cinnamon toast crunches vegan?

The easiest and fastest way to answer this question is by going through the ingredients of cinnamon toast crunch.

After going through the ingredients at first glance, you will most likely assume these breakfast cereals are vegan-friendly.

This is because after going through the ingredients, you will not come across anything non-vegan like eggs or dairy. In addition to that, you will not come across the common non-vegan alerts such as casein, whey or carmine.

So, are cinnamon toast crunches vegan? And the answer to this question is No. Unfortunately, cinnamon toast crunch is not considered vegan.

Why cinnamon toast crunch is not considered vegan

This might be a bit confusing to most. However, there is clear evidence as to why cinnamon toast crunch is not vegan. After going through the ingredients, you might not find anything that stands out to be non-vegan.

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However, in this situation, cinnamon toast crunch is said to contain Vitamin D3. This form of Vitamin is obtained from lanolin which is often found in the wool of a sheep.

Therefore, this is clear evidence as to why cinnamon toast crunch is not considered vegan.

This is unfortunate as there are various vegan Vitamin D sources, such as soy milk which most companies use when making vegan products. There are no reasons why the company cannot introduce a vegan source of Vitamin D to their product.

Vegan cinnamon-flavored cereals

If you love cinnamon-flavored cereals and would like to stick to veganism, I will advise you to avoid using cinnamon toast crunch and try these products that will satisfy your craving for cinnamon flavored cereals

  • Cinnamon Crunch- Cascadian Farms.
  • Cinnamon Heaven- Gluten Free cereals by Van.
  • Cinnamon Taste- Catalina Crunch Cereal.
Are Cinnamon Toast Crunches Vegan

You do not have to go out of your way to enjoy cinnamon flavored cereals; you can still practice veganism and enjoy your favorite breakfast cereals. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for vegan cinnamon-flavored cereals, you should try the ones discussed above.

Final thoughts

While cinnamon toast crunch is loved by many, it is considered not vegan due to one pesky ingredient they can still receive from a vegan source.

Vitamin D might be a vital ingredient in cinnamon toast crunch; however, they should have considered using a legit vegan source to help in attracting more people. With that said, I hope that you have found this article beneficial.

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