Are Cheetos Vegan?

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Are Cheetos vegan? The answer to this question is pretty much straightforward; no! Cheetos are not vegan and are also considered not vegetarian. This is because Cheetos are made with cheese and whey protein, with some containing rennet, a common animal-based cheese. To better understand why Cheetos are not considered either vegan or vegetarian, you should consider reading this article to the end.

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You may already know that if you’re a vegan, you need to watch out for hidden animal ingredients in your food. And if you’re a vegan with a particular fondness for Cheetos, you may think you’re in the clear.
The FDA requires that all food manufacturers clearly identify what’s in a product, including any animal-derived ingredients.

The Cheetos brand does not make any vegan products as of yet.

Why is Cheetos not vegan?

While most cheeses in the United States are considered vegetarian, they still have microbial rennet sources, including Cheetos. This means that neither vegetarians nor vegans can consume Cheetos. Since Cheetos consist of dairy products, they are not ideal for vegans. Despite the fact that vegetarians cannot consume meat and a product with the presence of animal fats, vegans cannot consume both dairy products and eggs and meat. As a result, no one from these groups can enjoy Cheetos’ taste since it contains both.

Most Cheetos products have dairy content; this might not be surprising since the name itself plays with the word cheese. The best part is that Cheetos contains the products it claims, making it great information among vegans and vegetarians. While it might be excellent news for non-vegans, it is pretty annoying for the Cheetos-loving vegans.

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Do all Cheetos contain dairy products?

There are various Cheetos flavors, and each of them comes in some amount of dairy. While the amount of dairy in them might not be a lot, it still has some amount. Unfortunately, this means that vegans will not consume any Cheetos flavor due to the presence of dairy. Some of the ingredients available in Cheetos include skim milk, milk, cheese, and buttermilk.

Fortunately, according to the Cheetos website, the company has composed lists of dairy-free products for selection. This list is most likely designed for individuals who are lactose intolerant. However, it serves as the best alternative for vegans as well. It is essential since it states all dairy-free products and those that have dairy products. As an individual who adheres to a vegan diet, this option will best suit your needs.


By going through their website, you will be able to come across a list of various dairy-free products. Nonetheless, you should not know that there are no Cheetos products available on the list. Therefore, it stands that no Cheetos product is ideal for use among vegans. While vegetarians can safely consume dairy products and still remain strict on their diets, it brings a question of Cheetos being consumed by vegetarians.

Are Cheetos ideal for vegetarians?

Yes, most Cheetos flavors are ideal for use among vegetarians. In fact, very few Cheetos flavors tend to have animal products. Most Cheetos have flavors without pork enzymes; nonetheless, there are still some varieties that vegetarians still have to avoid, including;

  • Cheddar jalapeno- it contains pork enzymes.
  • Crunch cheese- there is the presence of animal Rennet.
  • Flamin hot cheese- also has pork enzymes.
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Final verdict

While Cheetos might be delicious, they are definitely not ideal for use among vegans. As we conclude this article, we hope you have found it beneficial and that the question; are Cheetos vegan- has been answered accordingly.

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