Nathi is a food blogger and science major who is currently in medical school. He is an avid cook and loves experimenting with new recipes.

His blog focuses on easy-to-follow recipes that are both healthy and delicious. He also has a passion for health and wellness, and he hopes to use his blog as a platform to share his knowledge with others.

MakerlandFoodie was created in 2020 as a side hobby. It came about after Makerlandfoodie’s creator started their medical career. Creating new recipes and publishing them is a way of taking a break from their studies and winding down.

They’re more of a creative person, so a mental shift from a student perspective to a creative one is vital for them to keep themselves balanced.

He is a South African, born and raised in lovely southern Africa. He realized the passion he had for food in his early teens. He was not that much of an eater (Still not lol! ) but He sure enjoyed making a good meal.

Food Network was his favorite channel growing up. Learned a lot from the lovely chef Nigella Lawson.

He spent most of his teens following recipes from the cooking channels he was watching. Learned the basics of cooking and all that goes with it. With time, the collection of his favorite recipes grew.

Fast forward to the final year of his undergrad and he was able to move out of the college residence and stayed in his own apartment.

That year was one of the best years of his undergrad. He even took a job at one of the restaurants as a kitchen assistant, making over 500 pizzas that year alone. He got his degree in record time and he was out.

At 22 years old, he changed career paths, coming from a core science background which he realized later towards the end of his degree it was not for him.

Lab work from his Biological science degree was too much demanding and draining. Not only was medicine his childhood dream, but it just so happened to be in line with his interests.

He pursued a career in medicine after losing interest in his first career. So far, he can say that this is truly what he wants to do. He is more than happy juggling this Blog under the Makerlandxxx corporate umbrella with three other ongoing projects.

Community Engagements and Giving Back

He is very passionate about social issues. He has worked with a handful of organizations that address these vital topics, which help to improve the quality of people’s lives.

He believes that all people should have access to healthy and affordable food and that everyone deserves an equal opportunity for a great education and health care.

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